It was the fourth day of the anticipated Simbang Gabi. I was hoping the previous attendance of five kids would be more, knowing that some of my members are almost done or maybe done with exams. Unfortunately, I had four.

I don’t mind. I trust my kids too well that I know they could deliver. And deliver they did. We had a good service tonight. We even had to change the line-up to more familiar songs so that the community could better participate. They were prepared for these kinds of “emergencies.” 

What was best though was the Homily delivered by Fr. Elis Santos of Don Bosco, Mandaluyong. It was all about what my kids had shown: being ready.

Earlier in the morning, a dear friend posted the following on Facebook, and I quote:

It was a night like any other night but it wasn’t a child like any other child… How can we take such a simple story which can be read in seven verses and come up with a complicated celebration? As the world celebrates the birth of Christ for all the wrong reasons for the expressions of self-indulgence, materialism, partying and social events of any kind, may we find the real significance why Jesus had to be born in human form. Don’t clutter your mind with such Christmas clutters. 

So, why are we readying our Christmas presents, then? Why do we rush to that expensive restaurant or hotel to make an early reservation? Why are malls filled to the brim? Why are we readying ourselves for the wrong things?

Fr. Elis gave us three simple things that will help us Be Ever Ready, especially when the -BER months usher in:

Basa ng Bibliya (Read the Bible). One verse a day. Then it will become one passage, one chapter, one book, then the entire thing. One step at a time.

1 Peter 2:2 said it: Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.

Enthusiastic (participation in the) Eucharist. One hour a week. Only one hour. That’s what is requested of us. You need not to be part of the lectors or of the choir to be able to participate. Respond, sing along the songs, focus, pray.

Regular Rosary. Filipinos are known to be Marian devotees. A Rosary a day is like a bunch of flowers offered to the Blessed Mother, and the many intentions you have prayed for each bead. Like an apple a day, a rosary a day keeps you connected with the Blessed Mother, who is praying for all of us to our Lord.

Seems easy, right? But are we really committed to do all of these? Are we really readying ourselves for the main event next week, Jesus’ Birthday?


~ Touringkitty

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