Four days, two countries, nonstop MRT transfers, nonstop walking, and nonstop eating (for me, haha!), I can say that we really enjoyed the trip (despite the stress, which I will try not to talk about here. Blog = happy space, remember?).

Touringkitty survived Singapore and Malaysia with a preschooler and her dad, first-time out of the country travelers (my mom, sister and her boyfie), along with a trolley bag, handcarried bag, a backpack, and a stroller (and those luggage were just for my family!). My mom, sister, and the boyfie had just one trolley, and two backpacks, reason to carry so much stuff when they were headed home, haha!

I have prepared so many stories and tips for you travelers out there. I do hope to post it in the coming days, though. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I’m off to work (at home) so I could save up for the next trip. Conquer the Great Singapore sale in 2014, perhaps? 🙂


~ Touringkitty

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