Tomorrow, I will turn 30. I am quite happy about it, contrary to what people imply that “mawawala na ang edad ko sa kalendaryo,” or simply put, I am not getting any younger.

Why would I not be happy? At 30, I am raising a lovely family of three, sleeping in our own home, working from home while taking care of it, still actively serving the church. And I get to sing and teach again! Happy dance! And my family supports me all the way in whatever endeavor I take. Blessing upon blessing.

I made a life list back when I was in high school. Nope, I am not gonna share them to you, cos I have not ticked some of the items yet. Still praying for some things and I hope to reach them before I turn 40.

Tomorrow also, we’ll be having our first family trip abroad. Will tell about it soon. So may I ask for a simple prayer for this trip, that all of us will be safe, and more importantly, enjoy the experience of God’s creation in another country. Likewise, please pray for our dear country, the Philippines, and let’s lift it up again to the Blessed Mother.

I am so excited to ride the plane and live in a suitcase again, after all, it has been my life some years ago.

Forgive the birthday pause, too, as I might not be online in the next days. Will try to post in Instagram and Twitter (follow @touringkitty).

I shall say a prayer tonight for all my friends and family and everyone who gets to read this. May God bless you and your families.

~ Touringkitty

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