And she’s not going to have a party!

I’m sure she would not mind anyway. At least she knows she is going on a trip next month, and she is too excited about it!

But anyways, my gift for you, Ariadne, is myself, being your mother. I will try my best to give you my undivided attention, though you are already aware that Mommy needs to work (at home, or sometimes out of home) so that we have a little extra for the things we want, like books and toys.

I will savor each moment with you especially these tender days of your childhood. We’ll discover more of ourselves and of each other. I know I have eaten my words when I said I wanted you to be big already so Mommy could bring you around, but now I don’t want you to get big too fast.

We will continue breastfeeding. That’s our family advocacy. We’ll pay it forward by educating ourselves more so we could educate others well. We shall also start homeschooling a little more formally. But we’ll do lots of singing and playing of course!


I pray that the Lord will grant me more patience, more understanding, and more Mommy courage and self-confidence to be able to take care of you better. I pray, too, that Papa Jesus will always take care of you and send His Holy Angels, including Baby Ayo, your Tito, to watch over you. I pray for your continued good health, for wisdom, and for you to be a good girl always. I am happy that you love praying, praising the Lord, and singing church songs!

Daddy and I feel very blessed being your parents. You are our ray of sunshine and the rainbow of our lives.

We love you, darling Aria! Happy Birthday!

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