Three years ago, I was a beautiful pregnant mommy lining up the poll precinct to exercise my right to vote. Since it was National Elections, my husband and I made sure we voted for someone who could make a significant contribution to our society in the first six years of our daughter’s life.

Unfortunately, our presidential bet didn’t win. Nor did our vice presidential bet. A few senators got the yes of the entire nation. We didn’t mind that much the local officials, though, as we do not know them quite well.

That is why for the upcoming elections on May 13th, I have first researched on the profiles of the candidates especially on the local posts so we could choose who would best do the job.

We also relied on surveys, comments from other people, including taxi drivers, very opinionated TV personalities, commercials (yes so if you got a baduy jingle, we will not vote for you, haha, just kidding!), and most especially their stand on important issues. the last item though can make or break them, so we’d have to be very careful. We come at the time where one can be either lying or avoiding issues.

So just a reminder: select, select, the ELECT. Do not waste a vote that could change. Such powerful vote we could have.

And as close to this post, here is a throwback photo of preggy me, three years ago.


Yes, dear readers. I used to be THIS beautiful! Told you, I miss being pregnant! *wink*

~ Touringkitty

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