Yes you read it right. I miss being pregnant.

All because I was at my prettiest when I was pregnant.

Yup, not ever did I feel I was a blushing bride cos no amount of derma visits stopped my acne breakout on the wedding day. But I didn’t mind, really. Having a Mr. Pogi beside me since that day on (aka my husband), plus all the beautiful people who were there during our special day, I never minded the ugliness that is me!

But the nine months I carried Aria, oh, if I could be pregnant forever was my prayer! My skin was so smooth,my face clean and clear. My hair was so healthy and shiny and virtually no hairfall. I was the epitome of beautiful pregnant momma. I had bouts of morning sickness in the first four months. My lower back was aching up until the fifth or sixth month so I semi-stopped singing.

BUT I was pretty, oh so pretty! With my baby bump showing more and the baby inside kicking me more, I felt so happy and content.

Months and years after birth, my acne and hairfall made a serious comeback! Now I don’t have time and money to pay a visit to my derma and salon so there goes my frenemies, all over again.

Now to contemplate on being pregnant again. Aria is our baby still!


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  1. Baliktad tayo, I’ve been zit-free for most of my life, but now that I’m pregnant, disaster zone talaga ang mukha ko. My forehead is just hideous. Buti na lang I’m too happy being pregnant that I really don’t mind the pimples for the most part. I sometimes get depressed when I see my face in the mirror, so I don’t look at the mirror na lang, problem solved! 🙂 I hope that these breakouts disappear once I give birth, though. Like you mentioned, baka wala na akong time and pera na magpa-derma once I have a baby na.

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