In both English and Filipino vernaculars, pride could mean good or bad. I did research as I’m doing this post, and found out that pride is positive according to some philosophers, and negative to some religions! It can even be a sin.

But of course, we’ll be talking about the positive pride, which I felt today!

I should just have this tweeted (follow me!), but I want to share the whole story. So, I must not end tonight without telling you this: I played with some members of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra today.


I’m so giddy, happy, honored, and privileged to play piano with some PPO members–Ms. Bonnie on Viola, Ms. Vicky on cello, and Sir Hercules on flute. It was actually for the First Friday Mass at work, held at the Main Theater Lobby of the Cultural Center of the Philippines!

Wow. It was a dream to play with an orchestra, but I don’t know any orchestral instrument. This experience, though, is far better than none!

With just an hour before the mass, we practiced the songs and I felt so blessed during the mass, especially during our playing. I mean, who am I to play with these great people?! Thanks to the training I got since grade school, reading notes and chords is a breeze!

Ms. Bonnie also told me that it’s a blessing that she was able to chance upon me at our office. The usual pianists– my boss and one from another department– were both absent. Ya, it was a blessing for me and a great honor! I used to just sing with the orchestra–as soloist and as a chorister, but now, I played with them, and for Him!

And that ends my story of pride.

Have some “pride” story to share? Let Elmo and the Goo Goo Dolls inspire you to share yours!

~ Touringkitty

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