Last Monday the 24th, I quietly celebrated my 29th. Woke up and doing a self-check on the mirror–I’m 29?! A year befor the big 3-0 and I told my husband to throw party for me. Yeah, I want a party to celebrate this milestone in my life.

How I celebrated the countdown to 30?

During the day, I heard Mass with sleeping Aria in the nearby mall. I let the helper go around the mall since we have different religions (not an issue to us, we’ve been very understanding especially with her schedule of church services). We had lunch and did some grocery before heading home to rest. I then went to my high school to teach the choir and drum and lyre groups for their Founding Anniversary.

We planned a family dinner at wherelse, Friday’s! We got coupons and doscount card during Aria’s birthday and we want to maximize the discounts. Plus, I want to eat their kid’s pizza again!

Then my husband bought the yummiest, richest chocolate cake, and has a dedication written. So sweet of him!

There you go. Uneventful, really, but happy to have spent it with the people I love.

~ Touringkitty

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  1. Belated happy birthday Em! At magkabirthday pala tayo!!!! Uneventful rin ang aking birthday this year. Pero solb na solb na ko with Rio, his tatay and my nanay! : -)

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