August came by too quick that I wasn’t able to post something about breastfeeding. So let me do it now!

It’s been exactly two years and twelve days that I’m breastfeeding. Not a day missed, not a feeding missed. Not a drop of formula. No pacifiers. Attended breastfeeding meetings to increase knowledge in breastfeeding and parenting. Donated a few bags of frozen breastmilk to strangers. Promoted breastfeeding in all ways. Nursed in public–lately without nursing cover (thank heavens for tank tops and shawls and ring slings!).

I have surpassed all my breastfeeding goals that I’ve set since pregnancy.

Sometimes I ask myself if it’s still normal, that at two she still breastfeeds for whatever reason she has. I wonder what could her reason be. Hungry? Thirsty? Sleepy? Bored? Tired? Scared? Excited? Crying? Learning a new word or skill? Missing Mommy? I don’t know.

Not that I’m pressured to wean her. Not at all! I gave my full dedication, determination, and trust that I can provide the milk that she needed, especially the past two years where it is part and parcel integral to her health. Especially with the new studies coming out about breastmilk, there is no other way I could have nourished her well!

But my daughter is still my baby, my dear one, who needs to suckle to satisfy whatever it is that has to be satisfied. So it will be a mutual agreement between us when she will wean. Besides, my husband might be the happiest and the one who benefits to my breastfeeding the most–imagine if he had to learn how to prepare formula milk in the middle of the night and after a hard day’s work?!

Plus, the money which we were supposed to spend on formula gets spent on food, food, and more food! Especially now that we’re raising a foodie who likes yogurt, raisins, bread, and fresh milk (yes, the ones in carton, waaaay better than formula–BUT only for those ABOVE ONE YEAR OLD–breastmilk should still there to fill in their nutritional and immunological requirements!).

Tips for new and soon to be moms:

1. There’s no harm in trying. Who said breastfeeding is easy? And who said preparing formula milk is easier?

2. Attitude, dedication, determination, patience. Those four are all self-emanating. It starts with you and your baby.

3. Support. Lots of it. From your husband most especially. And involve the whole family and extended family in the process, especially those who are planning to go back to the workforce after a couple of months. Attend breastfeeding meets as a whole barangay if you can! The more you make people around you aware, the more they will realize the need for support.

4. Do your homework. Research, read, ask around. The internet was super useful to me because my mom had only limited experience breastfeeding me and my sister. I made lots of friends who share the same passion and dedication about breastfeeding.

5. Prayers. He listens. Whenever I feel like giving up, I have the Blessed Mother to ask Divine Intervention to. My devotion to Our Lady of La Leche is one of the strongest and most special devotions I have right now.

Happy breastfeeding from our breastfeeding family!


~ Touringkitty

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