Wow. It has been ten years, Papa. We still miss you.

Eulogy for Papa Mario
Papa’s Necrological Service
August 10, 2002

In behalf of my mom Luz, and my sister, Myk, we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts, all those people who were there during my father’s stay here on earth.

Who was Mario Mendoza Macanaya when he was still alive?

As a son to his good mother, Enriqueta, he was very close to her to the point he became a spoiled brat.

As a brother, the youngest in a brood of 9, he was always affectionate and would always want to get the attention of everyone else.

As a friend, he was giving and had good public relations, sales and marketing skills. He was named “Don Mar” because of his being very open to other people.

As a father and husband, he was a good father to two children and husband to my mom. But there were events in life we all didn’t wish to happen, that brought tears, sufferings and pains.

Upon his death, on the day of his 47th birthday, the joys, pains, happy and sorrowful events that he would have experienced in this world has ended.

At this point, in behalf of our father, I, my sister, and my mom, would like to ask forgiveness from the people whom he had unintentionally done wrong. We hope and pray that you would forgive him and let us all pray for his soul. Also, I hope that my father has forgiven the shortcomings of other people to him.

We also would like to thank those who helped and extended their sympathy. To my dearest titos/titas/cousins, please do not shut your door on the three of us that my father’s passing will make us closer to you more than ever.

Dear God, thank you for giving us Papa Mario.

To Papa, thank you for all those memories. You know that we’ll always love you, the three of us, I know this is God’s will and I know that you’re happy and blessed, more blessed than any of us here on earth. I hope you’ll always watch over us. I’m glad now that you are at rest in God’s loving arms.

Papa, we’ll always love you, forever you’ll be in our hearts and minds – promise.

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  1. hi. we are wondering if your dad, mario macanaya, graduated from philippine college of commerce laboratory high school … batch 1974. we are looking for him and our other missing batchmates. we share your loss.

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