Pag-asa finally got it right. So it rained, twas a tropical storm even, making us spoil all our plans to hit the mall and eat with the family today.

The other night, while my officemate and I ran in the rain under a small umbrella just to get home soonest after watching a concert (how we love our job–free concerts to watch! And foreign acts even!), we saw a girl about ten years old sitting down, hands clasped around her body, in the middle of the pouring rain. My officemate told her she should have gone home. My question is, does she really have a home to go to?

And it made me really sad. I told my husband and my daughter about it, and we prayed for that little girl that she may have a dry place to stay for the night.

Blessed. That’s what our families are. For that we should never cease praising Him.

Aria slept early tonight. Good thing because she was awake way early than usual. So while the humming of the aircon was lulling my little rascal to sleep, I fixed our mountainous closet. Two weeks after the helper left and we’re coping with late night cleaning, ironing, fixing whatever we can while we get some peace and quiet with the sleeping toddler. Lately, she’s been quite a handful, two handfuls even, running around, falling, bumping, screaming, throwing things, not listening, what have yous. Terrible twos? Nah, make it REALLY TERRIBLE TWOS!!! And she’s not even two!

As I was folding clothes, I saw the plastic bag full of rashguards, swimsuits and trunks. We bought it two months ago supposedly for the Boracay trip that never was. Seeing those stuff made me sad. We never got to use it even if we’re disease-free the rest of May. I wonder if those will ever fit Aria next summer. I doubt they will, she grows at lightning speed after she got dextrosed. She eats so much now that she sometimes eats more than I do, though a quarter of the serving usually goes to the floor or table.

I kept blaming myself in my head as I was folding the rashguards. What did I do, what did I feed her? Why did it ever have to happen? I bought her one with a duck hoodie on it, the other a pretty rainbow colored one. She could have looked good on it. She would have loved splashing on the water. We lost a lot of money for this trip because of the cancellation policies of hotels and planes. No mercy for the sick baby indeed. Thinking of it makes me cry inside that I don’t want my husband to see me in tears because he would have told me, it’s so last month.

And yes, this past month has been filled with triumphs, trials, and blessings. We’re all safe, no one is sick at the moment, we’re eating well. We just have to be careful even more now that Aria is in her explorative year. Our little family is very thankful for the love we receive from people who care–my mom, my sister, my aunt, most especially, for making themselves available for Aria when we can’t.

We’re facing June energized, happier, and healthier. The stay-out helper will start next week. Mom will still take care of Aria when we’re out. Aria will not anymore attend toddler school after much praying and deciding. Our toddler is growing and the household should cope up with these changes. She is hungry for learning, so we’re exposing her to more interesting stuff. We’ll enjoy her babyness and naughtiness in the meantime. She won’t forever be like that.

~ Touringkitty


But of course I have to use that rashguard, so an indoor pool outing must be on my list this month. Persistence is the key.

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