I began December on a happy (and literally high!) note!

Lemme say this first (on an E above high C): TOURINGKITTY IS BACK! Yipeeee!

Our family of three plus our new helper/yaya (finally, after months of being helper-less! We had her for a month already) flew to Iloilo, my husband’s homeland (for five years!) for a concert with Koro Madrigal, the Alumni of the UP Madrigal Singers. Well attended, well applauded concert!

It was Aria’s first ever plane ride! So was our helper’s, so we were all excited and nervous! But thankfully, with God’s grace, He gave us safe travels, yummy food, a nice hotel room, good health throughout the trip. You see, my mom was supposed to join to take care of baby while the parents are singing, but unfortunately, she got sore eyes, which my baby also got two days after we arrived in Manila.

Anywho, it was a fuss-free, complaint-free trip with our toddler, who really enjoyed the experience, not to mention, the food. She eats a lot and likes to taste whatever’s in my hands, or my plate. Likewise, being the first-time mom, I was super happy and proud to just breastfeed her while on the plane–she slept through the whole flight! While other babies cried themselves to sleep (yeah I think I’m being gung-ho already about breastfeeding that I do it anytime, anywhere! So breastfeed, mommies!).

This month also is the time for choir performances. I don’t know why but when you think of Christmas, you think Christmas Carols in SATB. And choirs in morning shows, malls, everywhere! Tell me, which choir doesn’t have even one gig outside their usual church service?

So tis the season to promote concerts as well!

First up, the Philippine Madrigal Singers Christmas concert. It’s their Christmas concert/culmination of Madz et al festival/tenth year of Mark Carpio as choirmaster of the Madz. This will happen on December 17, 8pm and 18, 5pm. As an alumna of Batch Carpio 2003-2008, I was invited to sing! So please do watch on the 17th!

I can’t make it on the 18th because of this: the Shrine of Jesus Children’s Choir will sing Christmas songs at Alphaland Southgate Mall at 5pm.

Hope to see you on both events! Touringkitty is really back!

~ Touringkitty

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