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Since it’s the last day of my favorite mother’s birth month (who else but Mama Mary! — and yes, my birth month, too!), I’ll dedicate this post to all the moms in the world, whatever shape, size, or stature in life they are in. Moms rock!

My mom is a great blessing. Aside from my husband, she’s one person whom I trust in taking care of Aria when I’m at work. She has been mother and father to us since Papa passed away nine years ago. And she did a wonderful job raising me and my sister. Blood, sweat, and tears, literally.

Then I gave birth, and my mom sort of had a “newborn” with my baby. It’s what they call nanganganay (or having a firstborn, meaning novice in everything) all over again. It’s a tough job taking care of my little ball of energy. If you’ve met my daughter, you’d understand what I mean.

Luckily for me, I have the technology to run to when I’m in doubt, which is almost ALL the time!

I’m blessed with friends. I text my mommy friends from high school and wedding ninangs if I have questions, ask for advise. In turn, I answer questions especially about breastfeeding. After a year of exclusively breastfeeding, I can say I’ve been there, done that, and I’m more convinced that breastfeeding is normal.

I started this blog July last year and have been reading blogs of mom bloggers (from hobbyists like me to professional bloggers, there are a lot!), looking for resources especially about breastfeeding, searching for answers my mom can’t answer, or verifying (which I always do especially after a pedia visit, man, do I still trust pediatricians?!)

Let me tell you why I admire these moms:

1. Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

Her website is something every breastfeeding mom should turn to! When I’m in doubt, I’d always check her VIP (Very Important Posts) and most of the time I’d always get answers from it. She is a super working mom, juggling a full-time day job and an online store called MamaBabyLove where I made my one and only online purchase of nursing mom wear — the Undercover Mama!

I first met her in a La Leche League meeting last year, the same time I started this blog, and knew about her blog from there. Super nice, very accommodating with my many questions on twitter, and gives very relevant and informative links on her blog’s Facebook page.


2. Abbie Yabot, our La Leche League leader

This is really one supermom! She looks young but she has four kids and breastfed all of them. She talked to me over the phone during the first few weeks of breastfeeding and assured me that I should not be alarmed with baby’s spit-ups.


3. Paola of Mommy Treats

Paola was my seatmate in a La Leche League meet I attended early this year. During the small talk that we had after the meeting, I learned that she has a home business called Mommy Treats where she bakes lactation cookies and muffins. She is just as sweet as her yummy treats!

I’ve tried those treats myself. A former choirmate gifted me with a week’s supply of cookies after I recommended Mommy Treats to her to increase her milk supply as she is nursing twins. I noticed my milk quantity (more output when I pump) and quality changed (more milk-colored than translucent/buko juice-like). This week, I’m trying the muffins and brownies which are all so yummy!


4. Frances of Topaz Horizon and Mommytopaz

Like the other people who are fans of her blogs, I like reading Frances’ posts because she speaks from her heart. Her posts are simple, straight, and enlightening.


5. Benz of Mimmabenz and Weddings at work

She’s our Mimma in our small online community called W@Wies and N@Wies. She’s Mrs. Congeniality for me! She even sent me and my husband babywearing button pins (which I will show soon).

She started her blog just recently and I love her posts! I also like her husband Abet’s blog:


6. Cai of Apples and Dumplings

Cai is a first-time mom just like me, and our babies are born a few days apart. So naturally, I ask her so much about baby’s feeding and all those stuff. We haven’t met personally yet but we attended a La Leche League meet when we were still both pregnant. I admire her determination to fully breastfeed her baby even if she’s working full-time (imagine pumping at work round the clock!). And she did, for a full year!


7. Martine of Dainty Mom

Martine’s blogsite is super dainty! I like the pastel colors so much. And it’s super organized, filed according to topic for easier navigation. I admire her for being a work at home mom, and that she has the license to sit in front of the computer anytime just because her job is writing.

I’d like to have a job like that! But I have yet to master the art of not letting my daughter touch the laptop when I’m working. Even if she has toys of her own, she still wants to tinker with the laptop, so lately I do my writing when she’s asleep.


There ya go. I have more in my mind, but I’ll continue with another post next time. I have 30 minutes left before September ends (sounds like a song, eh?)

Thank you, dear mommies, for the inspiration. Looking forward to reading and learning more from you. Or maybe meeting some of you in person again and some for the first time.

Now it’s time to pray for all the mommies and sleep before this wonderful September ends.


~ Touringkitty

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  1. wow! thanks for including me on the list Em!! i’m really flattered!! and i am blessed to have my own supportive network of women as well 😀

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