Happy Birthday to me! Thinking of what to give me, or maybe anyone whose birthday is coming? Here’s a quick rundown. I’m sure you could do one, or two, or everything if you feel like it!

1. Send me a text message, email, private facebook message because I restricted my wall posts.

2. Give me a call, if you know my number.

3. Pay me a visit! I miss friends and I’d love to have friends in our humble home.

4. Offer a prayer of blessing for me and for my family.

5. Follow me on Twitter @touringkitty

6. Read my blog Touringkitty

7. Give to charity. My favorites are Pondo ng Pinoy, Red Cross, and Children’s Hour.

8. Donate unused clothes, toys, and other stuff. I usually give old clothes to Caritas Manila’s Segunda Mana.

9. Do something green! Bring your own bag when shopping, recycle, use organic products.

Thank you and God bless you!

~ Touringkitty

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