Today ends my one week sabbatical from my second most favorite vice (next to my family, of course) – Facebook. One word to describe the feeling of not browsing my account: LIBERATING!

It’s such a tiny little world out there on Facebook that I have forgotten it’s not the only website that ever existed. The past week made me browse blogs, updated my own blog theme (still on the process of making a customized masthead), and baking oatmeal cookies using our oven toaster! Will post about it later.

Internet time has been cut in half, or more than half, and I have learned to turn off the wireless connection of my laptop when I don’t need it. Saves up battery life, I must say. I was able to finish church work and choral arrangements, and got more ideas on how to work with baby in tow.

The No Facebook Week gave me time to take a closer look at my daughter. She’s teething so she needed all the soothing and calming because she is just too fussy. Tooth number five came out the other day. She’s learned walking around her crib and crawling so fast on the bed so I’ve been taking pictures and videos here and there. We take naps together and wake up together. I don’t rush anymore to turn on the computer when she’s asleep.

I now conclude that I can live without Facebook. But hey, I activated it for three reasons:

One, I’d still post pictures and videos of my daughter for my family overseas. I know they want to see my daughter grow even if they’re miles away.

Two, I’d keep in touch with people who really matter. You know who you are.

Three, I’d still help encourage breastfeeding. This has been an advocacy for me. Some might be offended and I do apologize. But I hope that when you take a look at how my baby is after nine months, I hope I can change your mind.

~ Touringkitty

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