Yes, I did think I CANNOT BAKE!

Not until I saw the Oven Toaster Brownie Mix at the grocery!

My cousins bake, and for that I envy them. I’ve tasted their cupcakes, cookies and cakes, and I can only dream of making those myself. When my daughter grows up, I want to teach her how to bake. Now that she’s arriving any minute, I should start practicing.

I do not have an oven! I have an oven toaster, though.

So, out of curiosity, I tried.

First steps to that yummy brownie

Tedious as it may seem, it wasn’t. The Brownie Mix has it all. Just soften one-fourth bar of butter then add one egg, a tablespoon of milk (instead of just water), and the mix. Mix everything and place the mixture in a disposable aluminum tray greased with some oil and lined with wax paper. Then cover loosely with aluminum foil. You may have to spend a little for the baking equipment but nevertheless, you can use them next time should you crave for more.

Ready to bake!

So the mixture looked like this. Just by mixing alone, my right arm got a good workout. Then it’s a ten-minute trip to the oven toaster. Turn it to the other side and add another six minutes. Check if the middle is cooked by inserting a toothpick and if it comes out clean, your brownie is done!

Thanks, oven toaster!

Let it cool at room temperature for a while and voila, you’re ready to eat your brownie!

Brownie goodness

Hubby said it was yummy. So I think I fared good in my first baking experience. I ought to try other oven toaster delights like the Banana Cake and Bibingka. So it’s off to the grocery for me!

Now I can say, I HAVE baked.

Happy Baking!

– Touringkitty

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