Dear Baby Girl,

Much as I am excited to welcome you in the world, I suddenly got worried.

Each morning as I wake up and look outside our window, all I see is the cruelty of mankind to Mother Nature. Polluted air, that is.

Do we really want you to inhale this air?

This is the air Mommy and Daddy are inhaling. And so do the other people living in this city. Whether rich or poor, educated or not, we breathe the same smog-filled air. If there’s a common denominator among all men, it’s polluted air.

If only I could filter all the air into its cleanest, I would. If only I could shelter and protect you from dirty air, I want you to stay inside Mommy’s tummy. But in two months, you’ll inhale the same air we breathe.

I feel helpless. I know that this is mankind’s wrongdoing. We abuse Mother Earth. We know that this is bound to happen yet we still let this happen. I want to tell all people to reduce their carbon footprint, rally in front of vehicles emitting too much pollution, beg people to quit smoking, and teach everyone not to just throw their trash anywhere.

We want you to see and live in a perfect world. But in the meantime, we’ll do our best to make this world a better place to live, in our own small way.

With much love,

Your green-minded parents

2 Comments on Clean Air for our Aria

  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I’m into the whole reuse-reduce-recycle thing primarily because of my daughter. What kind of environment will our kids have when they grow old if we don’t do anything today to help the Earth today? Scary! Sigh!

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