When there’s a really good movie we wanted to watch, the movie team is usually four – me, my hubby, my mom and my sister. But in this case, we only had three tickets. So it was a choice between me and my hubby.

Rocks, papers, scissors. I won. Great thing I did, because we were off to a blocked screening of “The Last Airbender” at Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

Ahhh... the pleasures of getting free movie tickets

Several companies sponsored the said blocked screening, one of which was the bank where my sister works. The company allotted six tickets for her department, and she was able to get three. So off we went to Rockwell in the midst of heavy rain.

The movie started an hour later than what was printed on the ticket. But it was worth the wait. While people started falling in line, freebies were given – yogurt drinks, shampoo sachets, and sample bottles of mouthwash. You also get to pick a prize in a fishbowl. I won this:

Except for the Men's Shampoo, everything in this pack went to my sister

And while inside the theater, my sister won a kiddie vitamin syrup with watch. She’ll give the watch to my daughter. The vitamin, well, goes to whoever has a toddler in our neighborhood.

Okay, enough of the prizes. On with the movie.

I had no idea what The Last Airbender was about, but my sister seemed to know a lot about it. She had been watching the cartoons where this movie is based on Nickelodeon – Avatar, the Legend of Aang.

I was amazed by the characters’ superpowers. Imagine using your bare hands to manipulate air, fire, water, and earth? The effects were equally outstanding, especially when there’s wartime. What I didn’t like was the very loud audio of the theater. It probably woke up the baby in my tummy.

Did I tell you this is not really a movie review? So I suggest you watch the movie if you want to understand element-bending.

I thought avatars were blue. Wrong movie and storyline.

Loved the freebies, though. Thanks, my lovely sis! Until our next movie night (and I hope I can write a decent movie review next time).

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