The 2022 elections are coming up here in the Philippines, and many people are planning to vote. But other than voting, we must ensure that we vote wisely and look for the right people to lead our country.

First of all, a good leader must be a good example to others. If someone has a sufficient amount of kindness, compassion, generosity, courage, and leadership, then that person will succeed in a lot of things and is someone who we should think of voting for. We, too, must learn from that person and live a dignified life as well.

Second, a good leader must make the right decisions for the country. If one of the candidates wants to improve things like sheltering homeless people, preventing crimes, or making sure people are being treated equally, then they can be trusted to lead the Philippines. On the other hand, if someone just wants to make these problems worse, then it shall greatly affect the nation.

Finally, a good leader must have proper reasons for wanting to join the elections. An example of these reasons is helping our country improve and prosper, and we should keep this in mind, too.

In conclusion, we can all make a contribution to build a better Philippines. Even if some of us are unable to vote yet, we can also help by praying for and giving guidance to others who can vote. We all have a role to play in these times, so let us not waste this opportunity to help our country, for this can affect not only us, but the whole nation and our future.

A, 11 years old

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