Happiest New Year from the Macanayas and Alcantaras!

Aria’s now four months old. Time flew so fast. She’s reached many milestones earlier that we expected. She can roll over both sides, shriek, hum as if she’s singing, talk as if she wants to say something, and yes, she caught a Christmas cold. I’ve brought her to Christmas parties here and there, and once she smiles or coos at someone, she instantly receives a Christmas gift. Good girl!

But I still have not watched a movie, or a concert, or at least have one alone time. At least I was able to sing twice at church and conduct my children’s choir again. Everyone’s scared to take care of the baby without me because she might cry for food anytime. Yes, four months of breastfeeding her exclusively, no bottle, not even expressed breast milk (except when I tried it out three months ago, after which, I felt guilty). Imagine if we were giving her formula, we would have spent P4,000 a month plus all the efforts in putting it in the bottle. Celebrate!

There were also a lot of singing engagements that I turned down, and still turning down more engagements. I don’t know when will I return to my usual self. All I know is that I will live this unusual life with my little toothless smiley face (who, by the way, is sleeping like a log this morning!).

So, I introduce to you, yours truly, the Queen of all envy!

Like this weekend, I will miss my two favorite choirs in concert. My husband knew I want to watch those concerts. He offered to take care of the little one and leave a stash of milk in the freezer. I didn’t know what to say.

Anyway, please do me a favor and watch these concerts. They’re all good.

The Ateneo Chamber Singers will share the stage with the Gaia Philarmonic Choir from Japan and SYC Ensemble Singers in TATLO: A Choral Celebration on January 8 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. My husband is a pioneer member of the ACS since its inception in 2001 and has sung for the festival when it was first held in Singapore in 2006. Visit www.threefestival.com for more details.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers will be featured in a concert of Sal Malaki and Kit Viguilla-Navarro, both Madz Alumni on January 8 and 9 at the Philamlife Auditorium. I was fortunate to have sung with the group for five years and was part of the batch that have won competitions in Spain, France and Italy. Visit www.philippinemadrigalsingers.com or their Facebook fan page for more details.

Now I wish that concert halls would have sound-proof areas for breastfeeding mommies like me so that while we watch, our little ones can also listen to these wonderful music. Wishful thinking.

– Touringkitty

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