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Manila Workshops: Work at Home Expo 2015

Work at Home Expo 2015.

For some, it seems to be impossible working at home. But it can be done. I do right now.

And you may want to explore that opportunity as well.

Attend the biggest work at home expo happening once a year, organized by Manila Workshops and the WAHMderful Life Community, the Work at Home Expo 2015 on September 26.

This year, there will be more speakers, more talks, more in store for the attendees. Check out the event schedule and registration here.

The Work at Home Expo is like your one-stop shop for the freelancer in you. So, do join this one-day event and be empowered to work, even in the comfort of your own home.

Manila Workshops: Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

Want to open up a world of entrepreneurship from the comfort of your own computer? This Entrep Webinar is a good start.

Do you wake up every day tired and depressed and questioning yourself if this is the life that you really want? Do you feel that you were meant to do so much more? Do you feel that you were meant to change the world or at least make a difference? Do you feel that you should have been or should be an entrepreneur?

Join our founder and serial entrepreneur, Ginger Arboleda, as she takes you through this 2 hour webinar that will help you discover if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you are still doubting if you should go into it or if you are still at a lost on how to find that business that you can start, we highly recommend that you sign up for this webinar.

For those who don’t know Ginger, please watch this video and subscribe to her channel for aspiring entrepreneurs (GTV channel).

She was also featured in Rappler recently: Manila Workshops: Teaching Filipinos what Schools Don’t


Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

July 21, 2015

More info here: http://manilaworkshops.com/events/entrepreneurship-101

Please use TKEAENTREP1 on the referral code.

Manila Workshops: Your alternative classroom experience

The very first Manila Workshop-organized workshop  I attended was with my husband! Real ways to be a WAHM workshop, which was well attended even by non-moms (husbands and singles). Photo credit: Manila Workshops Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/manilaworkshops).
The very first Manila Workshop-organized workshop I attended was with my husband! Real ways to be a WAHM workshop in 2013, which was well attended even by non-moms (husbands and singles). Photo credit: Manila Workshops Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/manilaworkshops).


For my husband and I, learning opportunities outside the academe are highly regarded. We both invest in attending workshops, masterclasses (in my case as a classical singer), seminars, and the like.

One of the greatest discoveries we had was Manila Workshops, which has currently a strong lineup of workshop topics, workshop series, which caters to almost everyone already. Their passionate leader, Ginger Arboleda, and her great team, curates and creates these learning opportunities that are not commonly found in the regular university classroom, with the aim to create entrepreneurs out of all of us, and ignite the love for learning.

Here’s why I think you should attend their workshops, too:

1, Unique topics. They have every topic you can think of. Current workshops include topics like make up, calligraphy, storytelling, modelling, design, apart from their usual workshops for work at home people and entrepreneurship. They offer an overall alternative classroom learning experience.

2. Intimate set-up. Who wants a classroom type venue? They hold workshops in co-working spaces or convention centers. And they physical set up of their workshops invite a learning feel everytime.

3. Credible speakers. They invite credible speakers in the workshops, some of them I am able to get in touch with even after the workshop.

4. Reasonable workshop fees. Their fees are reasonable for the value you’ll be getting from the workshops.

5. Network opportunity. I love meeting and making new connections in every event I am in. Attending workshops will widen your network of future clients and collaborators.

I believe in what they can offer, that’s why I also promote chosen workshops over at my blog (see my right sidebar?).

Curious about their current offerings? Follow their social media accounts (Facebook: Manila Workshops, Twitter: @manilaworkshops, Instagram: manilaworkshops) and subscribe to their newsletter to know more about our future events (go to Manila Workshops’ website and subscribe).



~ Touringkitty

TMA Homeschool Parents Conference: Set them up for success

About two years ago, my husband and I have started praying about homeschooling our daughter. We’ve done so, albeit unstructured, unplanned, and spontaneous (well, isn’t that what homeschooling is about? =)

A couple of days ago, we have finally decided it’s time for our daughter to enter Kinder. But we have also gotten the answer to our question: should we homeschool or not? The answer was a huge YES! We’ve gotten ourselves a provider (finally!) for our peace of mind, mainly. And since I will be the main teacher-parent, I should equip myself, such as attending seminars like this:


TMA Homeschool Parents Conference on March 12. Register and use TKEATMAHS_1 on the Referral Code and receive a surprise from Touringkitty!
TMA Homeschool Parents Conference on March 12. Register and use TKEATMAHS_1 on the Referral Code and receive a surprise from Touringkitty!


If you’re also wondering what this homeschooling thing is, then YOU should attend! More details at this link:


Decided to attend? Why not attend for FREE by joining this raffle?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Will announce the winner on the 11th of March. Join now!

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Achieve a WAHMderful Life through this Workshop Series

I realized I have been working at home since college. Teaching voice and piano at our home gave me that confidence to be a teacher (and that extra school baon, too!).

In the past years, I have dabbled in various work at home jobs: teaching music, writing, editing, social media management, choral arranging, blogging. Last year alone, I got short-lived gigs, big one-time gigs, and prestigious ones. I got published in a magazine and in Yahoo.com.ph, too! Amazing I get to do work in the comforts of my home, while looking after my preschooler. I got to squeeze this in between working out of home, as a voice professor in college.

Impossible? You can, too!

WAHMderful-life workshop series for the new (and old) WAHMmie.
WAHMderful-life workshop series for the new (and old) WAHMmie.

Know the ABCs of WAHMming through this power trio of speakers and veteran work at home professionals, Marge Aberasturi, Fitz Villafuerte, and Martine de Luna. Sign up here and don’t forget to input the Referral Code, TKEAWAHM2 so they would know you got the info from Touringkitty.

Good news!  Anyone who is interested in working at home can attend. You read it right, you need not be a mom to attend this!

Start a career in the comforts of your home. You can do it!


~ Touringkitty

Manila Workshops partner with Touringkitty

Touringkitty and Manila Workshops are partners in learning!

MW ad_1


I have attended several of their workshops in the past couple of years, and I don’t only learn in the workshops, they’re also a great way to build my network and look for possible job leads.

This semi work at home momma has partnered with them, so you’ll be reading some of their upcoming workshops over the blog and on Facebook. To start, here’s one workshop I think you should attend, too.

Four years ago, I wrote about investing in the stock market. It was a writing collaboration between my husband and I. We still maintain some stocks, though we’re not that keen on monitoring it lately. This upcoming series of workshops will be a good refresher.

Manila Workshops present Stock Smarts Workshop Series, a four-part workshop which encompasses the ins and outs of investing in the stock market. You may choose to attend one, or attend all!

Don’t forget to enter TKEASMWS1 in the Referral Code Box as you register so that we know you got info from Touringkitty.

Watch out for more information about upcoming workshops!


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