#KoristaAko: Jacqui Jimenez

Hello, 2017! Our Korista profiles were in absentia because of the busy latter half of 2016 that was. But thank you to the 2,300+ koristas who joined the Facebook Group (do join us!) and the 130+ Facebook Page likers (like like like!). Now, we introduce another certified korista now based in the US. Plus, she… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jacqui Jimenez

#KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

Happy (Chinese) New Year! I know, I had backlogs for #KoristaAko. The last quarter of the year had always been busy, busy busy! But it was very musical, and I hope yours was, too. Now, on with my latest post! Last October, my husband and I (being part of the Philippine Choral Directors Association) were invited to attend… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Jhoan Ayos

12 months in 12 photos

Happy New Year 28 days late! You probably noticed my slight hiatus on the blog. But I’ve been rather active on Instagram (follow me @touringkitty!) so you might have known the reason/s. One word: BUSY! But very happy. 2015 was definitely a great year. If there is a word to describe it, it would be “miracle,” just… Continue reading 12 months in 12 photos

#KoristaAko: Touringkitty

And yes, just because it’s my birth month, it’s my turn to answer for #KoristaAko! I realised I wasn’t even able to answer these questions for myself, so this should be fun. For those who are not yet aware, Korista Ako has a Facebook Group Community already! Shoot me a private message at www.facebook.com/touringkitty so… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Touringkitty

Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival: A tribute and a legacy

Time flew, fast. It has been two years since the first ever international choral competition took place at the CUltural Center of the Philippines. And I am proud to have been part of it. Now, two years after, the second competition happens right on the month when the honoree commemorates her birth and passing on.… Continue reading Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival: A tribute and a legacy

CCP Hands-on Choral Workshop 2014: Training ground of choral champions

Last October, I was fortunate to be part of the team of trainors for the CCP Hands-on Choral Workshop. The workshop is now on its 12th season, and has attracted choral groups and conductors from all over the Philippines as well as other countries. This year, we had a choir from Kuala Lumpur participating in… Continue reading CCP Hands-on Choral Workshop 2014: Training ground of choral champions

#ThrowbackThursday: Be part of a TV Station ID = CHECK!

Singing with a world-renowned choral group sure had its perks. One of which is being seen on TV! So, every bit of TV exposure, we treasure it. And this is definitely one for the books, immortalized through Youtube. As we await for the new Station ID of this TV channel, which is coming out tonight,… Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday: Be part of a TV Station ID = CHECK!

15 and 1

Yesterday, after a full day of work (faculty meeting in the morning then choir rehearsal in the afternoon), I headed off to two important celebrations: the Shrine of Jesus’ 15th Anniversary of its consecration and dedication, and OA’s first death anniversary. These two events coincided on the same time, so I had to fix my… Continue reading 15 and 1

Madz @ 50: The Baby is now 30!

The “golden harvest” is now 30 years old! The Madz et al, the first and largest network of Filipino choral groups, celebrated 30 years of singing together through a weeklong festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last April 1-6. Composed of over 50 choirs, the Madz et al network gathers in an annual… Continue reading Madz @ 50: The Baby is now 30!

Half a decade after

…and it’s still surreal! Here is the video clip of the announcement of winner of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing back in August 2007. Check out Touringkitty in the video, my dear lucky charm, the Hello Kitty wand given by my now dear husband. Let me take you to Arezzo for a few… Continue reading Half a decade after