Flash mobs are always an instant hit with people. And this is one mob our family would definitely support.

Two years ago, my family participated in the first ever breastfeeding mob organised by Breastfeeding Pinays, an online support group of families who truly support breastfeeding. The mob was supposed to be held outdoors, at the Rajah Sulayman Park. Unfortunately, that day was a heavy downpour of rain. Aristocrat Restaurant came into the rescue, and gave a venue to a roomful of participants, mostly with babies to toddlers. We brought our own toddler, about to turn three years old at this time, who is still breastfeeding.

My husband wrote our experience during that very first breastfeeding mob here.

My daughter is turning five in August. She still breastfeeds, occasionally. I even thought she’d wean already as I was out of the country for two weeks last June. But then, she told me that she missed me, therefore she missed breastfeeding, too. There, she’s back at it, most often during sleepytime.

I never regretted any second spent on breastfeeding her, mainly because of the following reasons:

Economical. I don’t even want to compute IF we chose to give formula at any point in her five years. Sure, I’d give some fresh milk every now and then (or soy or hemp or whatever milk that’s NOT in powder form) but for the past year I rarely give her any milk. She eats more, and she eats everything, hardly gets sick, and is very healthy. Speaking of healthy…

Healthy baby, healthy mommy. Breastmilk gives both medical and health benefits for mom and baby. Baby gets her first immunization on the onset of breastfeeding as a newborn because of that very healthy colostrum. Mother, meanwhile, gets protection against certain cancer types, and exchanges immunity with baby. I’ve proven this because we rarely get sick, or we recover from sickness faster. The longer baby breastfeeds, the longer benefits for both mother and child. And I’d say, the father, too, who gets to sleep longer and therefore healthier.

Creating a healthier, wiser future generation. This perhaps is the most important to me right now. That’s why more work has to be done by breastfeeding advocates and support groups to be able to accomplish this. And this is one of my reasons why I trained to be a breastfeeding counselor–to pay forward the past five years of investing my time in breastfeeding my daughter (and the lifetime of benefits this will surely bring to our family).

Handa ka na ba humakab? (Are you ready to latch?)

This year, the global Big Latch On, locally known as Hakab Na!, will happen on August 1. The even aims to do a simultaneous latching all over the world, to emphasize that a world who breastfeeds is a healthier and stronger world. Here in our country, multiple locations are holding similar events, I will be attending the one in Pasig City.

Whether you breastfeed or not, we call on your support. Visit www.hakabna.com to join.

Hataw na! I mean, Hakab na!


~ Touringkitty