Weight of Words: Words Create Worlds

If words could kill, then I’d long be dead. Words are my love language and one of my self-expressions (poetry, writing, and blogging). Sadly, words tried to put me down several times in the past. Thanks to Weight of Words, I rediscovered how powerful words are, how beautiful they are. And how they should matter,… Continue reading Weight of Words: Words Create Worlds

Touringkitty Writes: Sisa

Since 2016, I got into writing Filipino haikus and accompany them with a nice photo of a place I am in. Check out my simple (and I hope not so trying hard!) Haikus on Instagram (search for hashtags #HAInaKU or #Touringkittywrites).   Last month I have been meaning to post something for Women’s Month, and… Continue reading Touringkitty Writes: Sisa