New covid 19 variants are rising, and it turns out that these new variants can infect a lot more people at once. Because of this, we must continue to protect ourselves from getting sick, and a way of doing so is by getting a vaccine.

Whether covid vaccine or not, vaccines are essential in giving you extra protection against a sickness. They usually give you a high chance of being immune. But even if we are vaccinated, we must not be careless and still follow health protocols. It is really difficult to get sick, especially in this time of pandemic, so we must do everything we can to stay safe.

Another reason why we must get vaccinated against covid 19 is because we must protect our friends and family. The new covid variants are much more infectious than the original virus, so we must get vaccinated to keep our loved ones safe.

Whatever covid vaccine is available, we must take any opportunity to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and, of course, we must make sure it is approved by our doctors and health workers. It is also important to remember not to judge a vaccine by its brand. Having a vaccine is vital to protect ourselves, and doing this is better than having no vaccine just because you do not like the brand. And of course, we must have the freedom to make this decision and not let others force us.

Still, many people are afraid, so we have to spread truth and hope to others by sharing true news about what is happening around the world, politely reminding others to follow minimum health standards, and to get vaccinated to end the pandemic.

~ Aria

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