I cannot remember doing anything DIY, or Do-it-yourself. I am one who is afraid of crafting.

So, I immediately took the opportunity to attend a crafting workshop upon the invitation of School of Styling, a new biz which offers workshops for event stylers, something that is so not me.

School of Styling has monthly workshops, and for this month, they featured tassel garland and piñata making. I actually got super interested with the piñata making workshop, something I dreamed of making for my daughter.

To my surprise and delight, there was also a quick mobile photography workshop as the afternoon started.

Geunice of Lightkeeper Studios gave the mobile photography workshop.

They also served some healthy and refreshing juices as we are doing our output of the workshop.

Juice Barista served these. I got fruit-infused water.


Indy Ycasiano gave the craft workshop. I have heard her name as creator of She Dreams in Ink. Together with Em Sulit of Game Changer, they call School of Styling their Passion Project. I actually like the term!

There was also a children’s corner, wherein my daughter got to played with some kids of the workshoppers. Mommas got to craft, kids got to play.

She was actually getting ready to work on the table. But kids gotta play!

And here was my output!

I know. Failed attempt on the tassels!
My mini-ice cream piñata!

What I liked most about the afternoon was, aside from making the crafts, the founders of School of Styling explained why they came about with the workshops. And I particularly liked that they emphasized how their workshops can help other people start their own small businesses. One of our seatmates for that afternoon was actually gearing up to start her own event styling business, and the workshops so far have been of great input to her, as she prepares as well for her upcoming wedding.

Workshoppers with School of Styling movers.

As for me, I’d really work on that piñata, perhaps for Cinco de Mayo. Aria is looking forward to it.

Check out their next workshop next month!


Visit www.schoolofstyling.ph or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.

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