Oh yes, my little bunny will not want to miss this.
Oh yes, my little bunny will not want to miss this.

I don’t know why, but just lately, my daughter got back her fascination to Hi-5. New cast, new songs to memorise, new stories to listen to. Someone is in super fan mode yet again!

We first watched in 2012, with the previous cast whom she loved. She was just two years old back then, and I got us great seats in front. So as I saw this in my email, I immediately looked at ticket prices. I was surprised, though, they’re twice the price already from three years ago! Will have to see if we could watch. But if you’re interested, here’s first dibs on information about the upcoming show this December.

Hi-5 House of Dreams

The sun is setting and it’s time for the big Hi-5 sleepover party! With the help of Chats, the “Dream Meister”, and her magical Dream Catcher, your Hi-5 friends journey on some wild, wonderful and wacky dream adventures!

In Hi-5 House of Dreams, Ainsley, Dayen, Mary, Stevie and Tanika enter the world of dreams, finding themselves in the jungle, fairy gardens, outer space, underwater and even in the super cool world of superheroes! Each dream comes to life on stage in a burst of music, singing and dancing in this exciting new stage production.

Hi-5 House of Dreams is a whimsical trip into a fantasy adventure where you can catch your favorite Hi-5 songs- Underwater Discovery, Move Your Body, It’s a Party and Living in a Rainbow and plenty of new songs with the Hi-5 gang!

Newport Performing Arts Theater
Resorts World Manila

Show Schedule:
December 18-22, 2015
Dec. 18 (Fri) – 2:30PM, 6PM
Dec. 19 (Sat) – 11AM, 2:30PM, 6PM
Dec. 20 (Sun) – 11AM, 2:30PM, 6PM
Dec. 21 (Mon) – 2:30PM, 6PM
Dec. 22 (Tue) – 11AM, 2:30PM
Regular Ticket Prices
VIP 1 – P 4,500
VIP 2 – P 3,800
Gold – P 3,200
Silver – P 2,700
Bronze – P 2,400

Exclusive pre-sale for HSBC Credit and Debit Cardholders.
SAVE 10% on Hi-5 House of Dreams tickets.
from JULY 20 to AUGUST 20, 2015
Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 0296, Series of 2015

For ticket orders, call Vivre Fort Entertainment at:
(02) 668-9535 or 09985129670

Tickets also available at:
www.ticketworld.com.ph/ 891-9999

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