For newlyweds and almost weds.
For newlyweds and almost weds: a manual of sorts.

In life, there are things that are not really learned in school. Like entering married life. We read books about marriage, and there are just so many.

This book came my way just in time for our seventh anniversary which we celebrate this November. The perpetual learner that I am, I needed a refresher.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years already of being married. It seemed like only yesterday! My husband and I know each other for half of my life, been married to him for more than a quarter of it, and now taking care of our little angel who is turning five this year.

What a ride, a bumpy but happy one so far. And this book served as a great reminder of the vows we’ve made for each other on that most wonderful day of our lives.

The author, Viviene Bigornia takes us on her own journey as a wife and how she has nurtured it through the Lord. I liked that the book is Bible-based and God-centered, two important things in our married and family life.

The book is simple, easy to read, and informative. A lot of good-to-know information are written. Scriptures help you reflect on what God wants a wife to be to her husband. I also like that it had reflection pages at the end of each chapter, and that it encourages you to reflect and express yourself.

Whether you are single and preparing for marriage, a newlywed, or “veteran” wife, this book is a great read and a great reminder that we, wives, are God’s gift, and to be a perfect gift to our husbands, we must also prepare ourselves in all aspects.

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It is also available via Amazon or the author’s website.

N.B.: I received an e-book of 7 Things Every Wife Should Know for review.


~ Touringkitty

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  1. Thanks for the review! It’s true, not everything is learned in school.. Good thing there are mentors, books and experiences to teach us. Thanks again and enjoy your marriage adventures!

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