1 October 2019: Latest update! 

25 September 2015: Updated this post a year after. Happy to have checked some items, totally unexpected to have achieved them so soon!


I am now 31 years and a half day old. I can’t thank God enough for what He has given me.

Yet, I still wish and pray for several things. 31 wishes I pray for today. I don’t expect all to happen in a year, but wishing for the lifetime ahead of me. Here’s hoping!

Today, I am praying:

1. For world peace. Well I do hope I won’t have to pray for this forever. World peace, please.
2. For my own peace. My mind is one melting pot of interests, hobbies, talents, and dreams. I hope to see harmony in all I am and will be doing.
3. To be a better version of me. Hair color: done. Spiritual cleansing: a long way to go. A retreat is much needed.
4. To be a better wife. I am not trying hard. Being my husband’s wife is just the best thing because my husband lets me be. He knows I want to achieve more in life. But I pray to be an even more supportive, appreciative wife than before.
5. To be a better mother. I have one, and she’s like ten times already! My hands feel full when she’s awake and alert. I am not perfect but I know I can be better.
6. To be a better daughter and sister. I am because they are to me. And for that I love them so. Better relationships with them, I pray. And that they’ll always be in the best of health.
7. To be a better friend. I miss my few friends who are now abroad, and those whom I have not gotten in touch regularly here in our country. Hope to get to do that more often.
8. To serve better in church. Again, our dear Rector entrusted me the task of being Music Ministry Vice Coordinator, as well as for another task, which I hope I could do well. This on top of conducting the children’s choir, which will soon transition into Youth Choir. Fun times, indeed. We’re legit a Youth Choir, and we need new members!!!
9. And in line with the previous item, to be a better conductor to my kids, and for more concerts, performances, and “rakets” with these kids. We’ve stuck together through thick and thin. As their leaders, my husband and I are grateful for the support, especially from their families, in every endeavor we take.
10. To focus more on what God has planned me to be. Right now, with the many things in my mind and the many things I want to achieve, my career has been such a happy mess. I’m literally everywhere! But I do hope God brings me forth to where I’ll bloom, grow, and be of great use.
11. To be and stay fit. Yes, I have gained the past year and a half after I quit my full-time job. But am not complaining! I just want to feel and look better. — And gained even more now, so I must really stay fit and fab!
12. Speaking of looking better, I wish for a total physical makeover. Oh, it’s not bad to dream! Facial, diamond peel, digiperm, body scrub, foot spa, mani/pedi, whatever it will take to make me feel more beautiful!
13. To learn more. Attending workshops, reading more, studying new pieces and roles. Can’t wait to gain more knowledge!
14. To give more. Yes, I want some things, but I want to give more, too. Our Rector always say, give until it hurts. Mabuti nang tumulong kaysa ikaw ang tulungan. Not only to charitable institutions, but to the church as well.
15. To clean my closet and files. And to sell some stuff. I have an online store but have not updated for the longest time. Hope to be able to do it soon. I sell stuff for half its price, most are still in mint condition.
16. To save more for my family’s future. Not only for my daughter but for my husband and I as well.
17. That my daughter will grow well. That whatever we teach her, even how little, she will take to heart and grow on it.
18. To share my talents to more people. Whether it be singing, performing, teaching, conducting, writing, sharing my advocacies such as breastfeeding, homeschooling, attachment parenting, devotion to the Divine Master (our Shrine patron), the Holy Spirit (following our school founder’s devotion) and Our Lady of La Leche (for breastfeeding mothers), among others, I hope to reach more people with what God has Himself lent to me.
19. To have our own home. We’re grateful for what we have, a modest condo unit, but a house and lot would be a welcome addition for our future growing family.
20. In line with that, I pray for another child. Or two. I’m going to stop with that, I might not do well with more than three! But really, whatever God will give us or not give us, I will accept wholeheartedly.
21. For a new phone! Something dependable and reliable. My current phone is failing to text suddenly, or crashes unexpectedly. It also destroyed my SD card! So, a new one is much needed.  And I got an iPhone early this year!
22. For a reliable public transport system! So that I won’t wish anymore for a car. I am a commuter for life, and I think it’s the government’s responsibility to provide a reliable public transport system because not everyone can purchase and maintain cars. That, I think, would solve so much problems in the country!
23. To watch a movie again! The last time was Rio 2. I have watched like only three times in the past four years! Go figure. Watched I did. Home, Cinderella, Big Hero 6, Inside Out. All with the baby bunny.
24. To eat wiser. Should I go the vegan route? My husband is heading that path now, and he felt better.
25. To cook more nutritious and delicious food so I can achieve the previous one. Yes, and I must say, I am loving cooking now. If only I can just cook all day!
26. To run a marathon, even 5k before I turn 40! Nine more years to go, hope to achieve more than that.  Achieved! Through the My Little Pony Friendship run. First 5k, more to go!
27. To homeschool my daughter at least for Kinder and Grade 1. I am praying hard for this! Hanging on! Second quarter of Kinder right now.
28. To travel the world again (and hopefully, all expense paid!). This came in as a super surprise–I got to travel Europe for two weeks in June 2015, with a performing group singing beautiful Filipino songs. And you guessed it, all expense paid! Thank you, God! And once again last year, with my other choral family, the Ateneo Chamber Singers.
29. To keep up with one production a year. Whether an opera production, solo recital, as long as I perform. So far, so good. I was able to join a masterclass under no less than Nelly Miricioiu, got to travel abroad, and some singing engagements ongoing locally. 
30. To try zipline! I have been wanting to. Must achieve before the year ends. And zipline I did, right at the heart of Mall of Asia. Woot!
31. Lastly, to always do, think, and say good.

I might have missed some, but God knows some of my prayers are just between the two of us.

Please help me pray for these. I am praying for all of you as well.

~ Touringkitty

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