Our family believes that learning starts at the onset of life. We, as parents, are their first and best teachers. And we never stop being teachers when we send out children to school.

It is this very reason why we chose to homeschool Aria for Pre-Kinder this year. Nowadays, there are a lot of schools or studios offering programs for as young as newborns, so, we thought, why can’t we teach our kid by ourselves?

My post from Yahoo said it all: https://ph.she.yahoo.com/the-joys-and-benefits-of-homeschooling-063631934.html

My goal is to homeschool until Grade Two. We’ll see what happens after.

And it you’re wondering if homeschooling is for you, wonder no more. Homeschooling is for everyone!

Learning is a never ending process.
Learning is a never ending process.

Come attend the Homeschooling Conference next month, and meet various types of homeschooling families. Hear their stories, learn from them, know how they make it work.

More information and sign-up form can be found here: http://www.thelearningbasket.com/events/educating-for-life-homeschooling-with-passion-purpose-and-confidence


~ Touringkitty


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