Honor your father and your mother, so did the Fourth Commandment say.

Since it’s Fathers’ Day tomorrow, and to my child, he is the best father, it’s time to honor this man who was known as “Baton-ton.”


From pregnancy to birth, he made sure we’re both taken care of. He’s become a master of daughter-rearing, to think they were all boys in the family. He can do everything–feed, change diapers, give baths, spend the entire day alone with a very makulit preschooler. Except breastfeeding perhaps, but if only could, he definitely would.

The perfect latch. Not!
The perfect latch. Not!

They love being together, even if they have misunderstandings sometimes. They love playing silly. Yes, they may be father-daughter, but they treasure each other. My child has grown to be very thoughtful and very caring of people around her.


Has the wife been forgotten? No, not at all! I am at my happiest because we still are the same silly people in love like we were first in love 14 years ago (yes, if you were a long-time friend of any of us then you’d know our love story!).

Lately, I often shed tears of joy during our prayer time. He would ask me why and I tell him that my heart is brimming with happiness–having a loving husband and daughter, being surrounded by love from our families and friends, and allowing God to use us to glorify Him.

And so, to my beloved husband, Ton, thank you for being the best father to our daughter. Thank you for being the best husband. Thank you for being a good son, brother, and friend. Thank you for giving love without asking in return. Thank you for knowing more about breastfeeding sometimes more than I do! Thank you for supporting my advocacies, projects, and dreams. Thank you for making us feel royals!

We are happy that you are doing well in your career and you’ve gone back to aikido again. Aria and I will be here for you always, praying for you and loving you. We love you to the moon and back!



~ Touringkitty


P.S.: Thank you for letting me sleep in sometimes and preparing breakfast for us. You are so amazing! =)

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