One of the things I really am happy about, now that I am a stay-at-home mom, is that my daughter, at 3 years 9 months, is fully toilet trained.

That was one of my goals this year. I gave this stern warning to her two months ago that she should not be wearing any more diapers when she turns four in August. She quickly obeyed.

Prior to toilet training, she was super constipated. Either that, or she was just controlling the urge to poop. Crossing her legs, pooping only with diapers on, and almost passing out because she was just having a difficult time. Anyway, I thought it was the best time to toilet train.

I have set one day in March to deliberately start toilet training. Even if against her will, I immediately put her on her potty the moment I sensed she’s about to go. But after that one day, she has not had a hard time passing out poop, and has done it in our toilet everyday.

I consulted this to her doctor because she’s had this problem despite being fully breastfed. At first, I though she was just grunting as a baby, but the grunting became super difficult for her that she’d spend most of her day just trying to pass out poop. To the dismay of whoever is in charge of her, and to my anxiety when I’m away from her. But now that she’s learned to actually sit down while doing the thing, it was easy peasy for her, and she does this in the morning regularly. She is eating well, even the foods she disliked before, like grape juice.

Likewise, we had her two front teeth fixed with baby caps and her molars had fillings as well. So she has been eating super well. She’s got weak teeth, that’s why we are super careful not to give her chocolates and too much sweets, though sometimes just a little treat would be fine as long as she brushes thoroughly and drinks water or milk afterwards.

Goodbye diapers! You have served us well the past almost four years. We are still using sometimes though, when we go out of the house, but I know sooner we shall give you up totally.

How did you toilet train your littles?

~ Touringkitty

6 Comments on Toilet Training Aria: CHECK!

  1. Good job, Aria! 🙂

    That’s also my goal this year. Although we have partially potty-trained Little V since he was 1.5 yrs old, he still uses his nappies when he sleeps in the night and when we go out of the house. Hopefully before the year ends he can fully say goodbye to diapers 🙂

    • Great for you, Kat and little V! I tried also earlier, but it did not work. So why not try the “late” approach. No pressure, just that one day of resistance!

  2. Congrats! Ako naman, my daughter can tell me if she will poop na problem ko na lang ang pee niya kase she can’t hold it yet eh. I guess magiging madali na lang yan for us. My older son una ko na train skanya was the pee part nahuli yung poop. 🙂

    • Yes, mas madali the pee. Yun nagstart na talaga kami no diapers during daytime early this year pa, but then hit or miss ang pagpee sa potty haha. Until she came to really say that she will pee na two months ago. Ngayon habulan kami going to our toilet kasi she zaps out of my eye and yun pala wiwi na sya! She even made this silly rap, “a-wiwi, a, a, a-wiwi!” Sa poop ganun din haha.

  3. Hi Ate Em! 🙂 I remembered when I toilet trained Jai. Actually I only remember glimpses of it cause he’s not actually really hard to train. I trained him a few months after he turned three. I just bought this potty seat with him and told him that I’ll buy it if he sits on it when he poops. It’s Spongebob and I think he felt really excited to sit there. I also just taught him how to pee while standing up. And told him he gets to wear a brief now because he won’t use a diaper anymore. I think it really was challenge accepted to him. I don’t even remember a time when he pooped or peed on his shorts and on the bed. 😀

    • That’s great, Gini! The first weeks iof no nappies in the evening, she had several misses. The thing is, she does not mind if she’s wet, so that when we’re all awake, she is still sound asleep with pee on her shorts! Good for you, Jai and you did not have a hard time. Thanks for dropping by the blog!

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