Happy Easter Monday!

Due to the busyness brought about by the Holy Week, I forgot to post yesterday!

Welcome to my new online home, www.touringkitty.com!

Hooray! After four years I am self-hosting! It was a looooong journey but I am glad to do it. And so, thank yous to the following are in tall order:

Martine, for the blog coaching session. I am still working on my posts but I am happy to have started somewhere. Thank you for guiding me through.

Marge and Jenn of VA Support Pro, for your assistance in setting up my blog and for accommodating my dummy questions! Finally here it is.

To the WAHMderful community and Mommy Bloggers Philippines, for being a source of inspiration and love. These two online communities truly rock!

To my husband and daughter, for funding my blog (teehee) and for loving it as much as you love me. I love you both, too.

To the many groups I belong to–the performing world, choral world, teaching world, mommy world, breastfeeding world, homeschooling world, church world, WAHMing world, mommy blogging world, for being sources of my blog stories.

And to my ultimate source of all this, Touringkitty, my beloved magic wand, for being the beginning of my journey. If not for our travels in the past I would not have had a Touringkitty.

So, enjoy reading! Like my Facebook Page to be updated with more things happy!


~ Touringkitty

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