I miss studying in the university. I had the best time during college, even though I had to take leaves for whole semesters because of concert tours with the Madz.

Now that I am a full time mother, I still want to learn, and I do them online, through the free online courses offered by professors of major universities abroad. Sans the university credits, these absolutely FREE online courses offer the same quality education in an online platform and in shorter spans of time.

Recently, I completed my Crash Course on Creativity. It was my second attempt to take it, as I was not able to finish the first time I took it last year. This year, I was so proud to finish the course in between work and household management, and got this Statement of Accomplishment from a Stanford professor, Tina Seelig.

This was designed by one of our online classmates. It folds up like an accordion, showing the creativity logo. How kewl is that?!

There are lots more coming up and ongoing! Check out Coursera and Novoed (which was formerly Venture Lab wherein the Creativity Course I took is in). At the moment, I enrolled in Coursera’s Crafting and Effective Writer, Survey of Music Technology, and Creativity, Innovation, and Change. I do hope to finish them all, though, else I’ll end up just auditing again.

Hope you also take advantage of technology and education. Best thing, they are all free. No need to fly out to have classes under foreign professors.


~ Touringkitty

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