Definition of terms:

1. WAHM – Work-at-home mom. In some cases, fathers work at home so WAHD’s the term.

2. WAHMeo – Contraction of Work-at-home Mom / Chief Executive Officer. A WAHM who owns her business.

Admit it, the internet has such a huge impact to everyone’s lives this past ten years. It has revolutionized so many things–entertainment, learning, connecting with people, and most especially businesses. Social media marketing is the new PR agency. Bloggers are now the new commercial models who promote products online through their blogs and social networks. Yes, the Computer Age is definitely how we define the current era.

That is why the new workspace for an increasing number of Filipinos is found in the comfort of their own homes, inside their own computers. And their tribe will increase all the more, as the demand for virtual workers increases by the day.

Is WAHMing for you, Corporate Mommy?

I asked that question when I attended the WAHMderful Life Workshop: Real Ways to be a WAHM last April. I even brought my husband along so that both of us can explore this unfamiliar path. And after the workshop, we exclaimed, if they can do it, why can’t we?

Some office workers will say, well, that is freelance, you work when there is work. If none, you will not earn. Office work gives security in terms of salary, benefits, etc. You work hard, and loooong enough, you rise above the ranks.

My husband and I discovered we can do so much with the internet now. Virtual Assistants (or VAs) are on the rise.

While at the workshop, I discovered the Manila WAHMs Facebook group, which is instrumental in my current job description–Fulltime Mother-slash-Copy Editor. Just two weeks on my current job and I am soo glad to have found one, after a few weeks of resignation from my fulltime office job. Never thought it was possible but apparently it is!

But can you really do it at home? What if…?

Your kid wants to play with you? Then play with her for a few minutes, make her busy, then go back to work. Oftentimes I’d rather sit and work while my husband and daughter are sleeping. It’s something I have to get used to, as I spent until the wee hours of the morning working. That, or I wake up early instead to be able to work.

There is a household emergency? You need not rush going home because you ARE home with your family! But of course, who would want an emergency to happen, whether you are working in or out of home?

You’re sick? Rest is important. It’s easy to ease back to work since you do not have to deal with going in and out of the workplace.

There is no electricity? Or ther is no internet connection? Worse, my laptop broke?! I have realized this now that electricity, the internet, and a good functioning laptop are my main bread and butter. Hmmm… It’s good to have back ups, and save files every five minutes or so.

I am just grateful now that I have already started. It is a lifestyle my family needs to adjust to again. My set up works well for us because my family has my undivided attention when they are awake. Plus, I can choose to take in more work in the future (singing and teaching again, too! happy dance!).

I was also lucky enough to attend the WAHMeo workshop held last July. The workshop was an eye opener to those who really want to pursue working at the confines of their own home, but at the same time, owning their businesses. Some attendees have established jobs already, others discerning their strengths. The workshop also featured the how-tos of putting up the business, like making the business plan, applying for business names and permits, learning about taxes, setting up websites, etc. It’s taking WAHMing to the next level, and I am inspired to hear from people who have actually took the plunge and became owners of their own businesses that they run while they run their household. They’re mothers of different backgrounds, skills, and businesses, and it’s always a joy to meet new, inspiring people.

Pretty WAHMies, all in several rows!

Interested to work from home? Then this workshop is for you!


The same workshop we attended last April is having its third run, this time focusing on being a Virtual Assistant. Sounds funny at first, but it is legit work! I have heard from the experts, so now is your chance.

Click this link to know more about it.

Unilab is a proud sponsor, too!

If you are deciding to take the plunge, attend this workshop. ANYONE, even if you are not a mother, can attend!

~ Touringkitty

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