The Madz is one huge family of about 200 (or more). We maybe classmates, students, teachers, mentors, siblings, children, parents, cousins, of each other. The family is extended to our own families, wherein some are each other’s wedding or baptism godparents and godchildren.

We look up to our alumni, the ones who passed to us the great Madz tradition. We keep this, live this, and pass to our successors, who we in turn, expect to do the same to the future singers.

I was privileged to have met so many Madz Alumni, both here and abroad, and get to know them a little better. It pays that I was a UP student as well, because most Madz alumni were UP professors too. And during trips abroad, we are happy to see fellow Madz in the audience. We listen to their stories, experiences, and we learned from them a lot.

When I left the Madz, I also got the chance to sing with an established alumni group, Koro Madrigal. With them, we had concerts, workshops, and local travels.

Beyond rehearsals and concerts, we remained in touch. Our best way to bond: EATING!

But there is one Madz batch that we are raving about. Incidentally, they will reunite this weekend for two concerts every Madz fan should not miss.


Madz 89, as they are popularly called, is called such because they won top prizes in all international choral competitions they joined in 1989. They make such a great group because most of them have been singing together for about eight years. They planned this since last year and this week, they are already rehearsing, most are coming home from US and Europe. Perfect timing because of summer break.

Please do watch this concert. Two nights only. Go to the Madz Facebook Page to get tickets. They’re selling like pancakes so get them now! My husband and I will be there on Sunday, so see you then!

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