Breast friend indeed

For the past month, I have totally given up pumping milk for Aria. Not even an ounce of breastmilk can be found in my fridge. I have donated all the frozen milk left as well.

No, I have not yet given up breastfeeding yet. I just dropped the twice daily pump I’ve been religiously doing for the past year and a half. Luckily for me and for Aria that I can go home for lunch to have her nurse. And when she’s asleep, that’s the only time I pump, which has not happened for the past month.

Aria gets to enjoy all the breast milk she wants when we’re together. And when we’re not, she takes fresh milk, and all the yummy food she sees. She’s a happy eater, knowing what to appreciate, what not to eat (she isn’t a fan of chocolates and sodas, even sweet juices, thankfully!), but she so loves yogurt, eggs, bread, fresh fruits like apples, bananas, papaya, veggies, chicken. She drinks a lot of water, as well as yogurt drinks and fresh milk in brick packs.

She isn’t showing any signs of weaning, though. She stays as much on my breast as she can. And has now added some more tricks while breastfeeding. More on that on another post.

But I’m prepared to pump, still, if ever we’ll be separated for more than seven hours. That was my limit back then, and am still setting the same limit if it happens. There were days that she wasn’t able to nurse at all for 12 hours because of work, but I make sure of my schedule ahead of time so I could leave her some while I’m away.

I was supposed to pack away completely my pump kit, but decided not to, maybe for another year. It’s just on standby on a plastic box if ever the need to use it arises.

Who helped me in pumping? My Pigeon Manual Breast Pump, which was a gift from my husband’s officemates for my baby shower two years ago. It was the most used item on my newborn essentials, I must say.

I borrowed a Medela single electric pump from a friend, but found the manual more effective in draining my breast. More hard work but better performance. Besides, the electric pump is noisy and I can’t use it when Aria’s sleeping. 

So here’s a tribute to my dear pump, who has served me long and well. I know I’ll use you again, like tomorrow, when I have to stay longer at work, have planned to pump and have the milk picked up for dear daughter.


~ Touringkitty

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