Aria had a blast during her party. We decided to do it on the Sunday before her birthday, which is a Wednesday. Who would have thought that our dearest President would decide to make it a very loooong weekend?!

Filipinos generally will go for a quick holiday out of town if a long weekend has been declared. But thankfully, even when it was raining that Sunday afternoon, our guests came! Not everyone on the list, though. But a good number made it — almost 80 people, half of them are kids. We even had babies! It was so much fun, especially for Aria, who was both sleepy and playful that time.

The Venue and Food: McDonald’s Greenbelt

It was definitely a worry-free party venue. They had it all — yummy food, themed party complete with all amenities like traymats, party hats, lootbags, and game prizes, even the party host and program were all handled by them. No additional fees on electricity nor permits to be secured for bringing in photobooths and other suppliers. You just can’t eat food from outside, though.

The Photobooth: Click D’Fun Photobooth

My sister availed a photobooth through Ensogo for a good deal of P3,500 for two hours unlimited and gifted it to her favorite and only niece. The guests lined up a couple of times and enjoyed the friendly service of the crew as well.

The Cupcakes: IBake by Joy Alegro

My cousin Joy loves baking that she turned her hobby into something profitable. And Aria’s Birthday is the first time she handled a cupcake decorating session and it was super fun! The cupcakes were super yummy, too. I chose carrot cupcakes so that the kids won’t be too hyper with chocolate and so Aria can eat as well.

The Balloon Decor: Supermommies Parties and Events by Mary Ann Unay


This was gifted to us by Ma’am Me-ann. Too bad The Unays weren’t able to attend the party but she still sent her assistant to set up the balloon decor, and Kuya Tikboy did it for only 10 minutes! Cute balloons which some were taken home by guests.

The Photographer: Eric Tingatinga

You would not believe this photographer is a UP Professor and has a PhD in Civil Engineering! He took really awesome shots and used natural lighting. The room had low ceiling and it was quite dark outside because of the rains but the pictures were still fantastic, especially all the happy faces in the photos.

Our suppliers were all good, and didn’t hurt our budget, some of them offered their services for free! It was indeed a worry-free, budget friendly party for our little one, who herself enjoyed her own party, the way we parents wanted it to be.

~ Touringkitty

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