For those who are wondering, I deactivated my Facebook account since yesterday. It’s sort of a self-punishment for being curious (and stupid!) for clicking a link and actually spreading a javascript spam. So for those who received it, I apologize.

Anyway, I also found this perfect opportunity to assess my internet life. I have deactivated my account and will return after a week. If I can stretch it longer, the better.

Yes, I admit that I live with this technology. I spend almost the whole day updating my status, posting pictures of my daughter who had learned a new trick, commenting on my friend’s photos and all that. Sum it all up and I spend a total of at least five hours a day, with half of it on Facebook. If I can’t sleep at night, I’d spend an extra hour lurking on the news feed. I can’t believe I enjoyed talking to a wall expecting to talk back to you through the comments of your friends. Honestly, 1/4 of them I don’t really know personally, but because of a group I once belonged to I’m “expected” to accept them. Not good, eh?

But on a positive note, I have gained a lot from Facebook and from the internet in general. I found and reconnected with old friends, I get inquiries for voice and piano lessons and singing engagements, researched about breastfeeding and other baby care stuff, and I am able to write for pleasure (this blog) and for income (through several writing assignments). I also research music which I use for my choral arrangements and was able to download a free music writing software where I can freely work on my scores (visit to download). I ask my friends (and strangers through yahoogroups and various mommy-related fanpages and the blog carnival) for tips on taking care of the baby and give advice as well.

Facebook is a lifestyle for me, another way of channeling my stress, frustration, and joys over this little girl who was once so fragile to hold, and now is spinning like a tornado. The whole world (or at least those in my friends list) saw my baby grow, and I’ve allowed these people to be with us in this wonderful moment.

But it has gone overboard. It became a business and destructive at the same time. If not spam messages, people will tag you to sell their products or do marketing. Ugh, I just hate spammers!

So I do hope you’ll help me in this experiment. One whole week of no Facebook. But I still have to use the internet, though, as my friends abroad need to contact me and vice versa. For that, I’ll overhaul my blog theme and official website ( and maybe create a new logo or masthead (yes, I love blogging already!). I shall also finish pending arrangements and create new ones.

Update you about this no Facebook thing next week, Thursday. Good luck to me!

~ Touringkitty

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