Like: I can eat twice the amount (or more) of what I was used to, especially now in my seventh month
Dislike: No coffee, tea, softdrinks

Like: I have all the reason to shop for new clothes
Dislike: I can’t wear heels

Like: I can use my pregnancy rights when traveling, i.e. using the service cart in the mall, hopping on the first cab in the MRT and LRT, and being offered a seat anywhere and a ride home by friends
Dislike: I can’t travel too much and too far, can’t ride anything three-wheeled, and I walk like a former president

Like: Nightly massage courtesy of my husband to alleviate leg cramps
Dislike: Sleepless nights because of a heavy tummy

Like: Everybody’s concern towards your safe delivery
Dislike: In two months, I will miss being pregnant

Nevertheless, I love pregnancy, and I look forward to the blessing that is to come.

– Touringkitty

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