Day: July 20, 2010

What I like and don’t like about my pregnancy


Like: I can eat twice the amount (or more) of what I was used to, especially now in my seventh month
Dislike: No coffee, tea, softdrinks

Like: I have all the reason to shop for new clothes
Dislike: I can’t wear heels

Like: I can use my pregnancy rights when traveling, i.e. using the service cart in the mall, hopping on the first cab in the MRT and LRT, and being offered a seat anywhere and a ride home by friends
Dislike: I can’t travel too much and too far, can’t ride anything three-wheeled, and I walk like a former president

Like: Nightly massage courtesy of my husband to alleviate leg cramps
Dislike: Sleepless nights because of a heavy tummy

Like: Everybody’s concern towards your safe delivery
Dislike: In two months, I will miss being pregnant

Nevertheless, I love pregnancy, and I look forward to the blessing that is to come.

– Touringkitty

Hello blog!

Aside from my singing and musician duties, little do people know that I write.

Since Grade School, I’ve always been into writing. I started as a news writer for our school paper. I’ve also contributed essays and poetry. I’ve written a lot before I entered college, where writing took a side step and music moved in the forefront.

After taking a degree in music, writing came in again, this time as a full-time job – a writer for the country’s military organization. On the side, I’ve accepted other writing jobs like emcee scriptwriting.

Now that I am a stay-home expectant mother, I would like to spend more time in writing, and here in this blog, I wish to share more of my experiences as a musician, wife, and mother-to-be.

Why the blog name, you might ask. Two things.

First, I love traveling. Being with a world-famous Filipino choral group for five years showed me how wonderful God’s creations are, and this great group brought me to Europe, USA, Asia, and around the Philippines.

Winning the 2007 European Grand Prix for Choral Singing is that sweet precious cherry on top of the icing

Second is I’m a self-confessed Hello Kitty lover since childhood. I have some of that pink stuff at home, some gifts from my friends. I even have this magic wand toy that lights up and plays music when you press a button. More of that wand and her travels at this website.

Touringkitty in Trocadero overlooking Eiffel Tower

Enjoy! And welcome to