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Ten Things I’ll Do for Baby Number Two

No, we’re not pregnant! But it just dawned me that I could have done a lot better with my first pregnancy and the first few months postnatal. I realized I could have traveled more, accomplished more. I could have even avoided postpartum depression which lasted many months!

Anyway, I just wished I was able to do the following with number one early on:

1. I can travel with baby in tow. And it’s much easier if she’s still a baby! Mobility will be your worst enemy I tell ya. I have not gone for a long trip lately only because my baby is malikot.

2. I will still breastfeed and never make it a hindrance to working, meeting friends, serving the church, and doing so much more. Not that I’m that lakwatsera, but I will act normal because breastfeeding is normal! The modern generation makes this impression that breastfeeding is a big challenge and that formula is the norm. Not true!

3. And in line with number two, I’ll master babywearing! Started this too late, and this could have saved my hands from De Quervain’s syndrome. And with babywearing, I can do anything!

4. Cupfeed! So I could have transitioned easily from breast to cup and skip bottle. Occasionally my daughter drinks from the bottle and I do hope we could skip it altogether soon.

5. I will still not use pacifier like I did with my daughter. This is to avoid nipple confusion.

6. I will go for baby-led weaning. Weaning means transition to solid foods. We were so afraid to give my daughter foods so we delayed weaning to seven months or even later. It’s usually common for second children to go for BLW mainly because the first-time parent is testing waters for her firstborn.

7. Will still co-sleep because it’s much easier for the family. Fathers usually benefit from this a lot because they sleep longer. Ask my husband!

8. Will never panic about spit-ups! It has unnecessarily sent us twice to the emergency room. Spit-ups are usual.

9. Will act normal. I realize the family was filled with so much panic, confusion, doubts that we all went frantic instead of happy that we have a baby at home. And will not believe pamahiins or voodoos still.

10. Shower our baby lots of love. That’s what they need. We don’t spoil newborns for carrying them the whole time. They bond with you more when you do it.

How about you moms, did you change anything with your parenting styles when number two came?

~ Touringkitty

Say my name!

“Me, Ah–nee!”

In baby talk, it means “My name is Ariadne!”

And that little girl who only says “ungeee” and eeewww” and “owww” when she was barely two months now says a mouthful and more!

Yes. Our baby is now a toddler. 18 months. And we’re oh so happy and proud!

We’re still breastfeeding (yay!) and I’ve been juggling mommy duties and full-time work for almost two months already.

I have the kindest boss and workmates. I can go home for lunch and still pump milk and cuddle with the little one if she’s awake. And I work for four days a week only, so I got three days of weekend (except when concerts and projects are on weekends, though).

Just this week, two articles from Yahoo came out with a checklist on words a toddler should know. I tried listing down what Aria already knows at 18 months and here’s what we’ve got:


1. Mommy/Mama

2. Daddy/Papa

3. Nonna (for her Lola, my mom)

4. Tita (my sister)

5. Ate (our helper, and any other older girl she sees)

6. Ya/Kuya (any older boy she sees; before she can say this, she calls everyone Ate)

7. Lolo/Lola (my husband’s parents)


8. Eyes

9. Nose (she says it “Nos!”)

10. Ear

11. Hair

12. Chin

13. Lips

14. Teeth

15. Fingers

16. Hands

17. Toes

18. Bi-bu (belly button)

19. Dede (Mommy’s! When she wants milk she just pulls my shirt!)

20. Dodo (yes, that of Daddy’s!)

21. Feet

22. Knee (but she says Me!)

23. Elbow (and she says Elmo!)


24. Apple (all fruits are apple to her eyes! I’m amazed because she knows the difference between fruits and vegetables)

25. Puffs (her favorite snack – Happy Baby Puffs! Get yours from Ygo’s Organics–they’re cheaper than the ones in Healthy Options)

26. Mamam (water)

27. Milk

28. Eat (or namnam)

29. Elmo (the character of when she wants the cookies)


30. Kitty (Hello Kitty)

31. Jollibee

32. Hello (hawo!)

33. Babay!

34. Elmo

35. Bi-bo (Big Bird)

36. Baby Einstein

37. Car

38. Boat

38. Dog (she says Dug!)

39. Shoes

40. Socks

41. TV

42. Coming

43. Down/Sit down

44. Up

45. Sleep (with handsign)

46. More (with handsign)

47. Done (with handsign)

48. Watch

49. Ball

50. Inside

51. Jump

52. Slide (yes, Temple Run!)

53. Amen! (yes we pray, she tries to recite Angel of God and our morning prayer)

54. Play

55. You

56. Me

57. How

58. Sun

59. Star

60. Now

61. House

62. Toothbrush

63. Open

64. Close

She surprised us recently by reciting 1-10 and the alphabet! Complete with “Now I know my ABCs!” She sings the Do-Re-Mi and sings almost everything and on the right pitch. She memorized TV commercials, much like I did when I was four. And she anticipates, so much! She even mimics us, her parents, when we sing opera. She also sang Happy Birthday Aria last night as it was her 18th month birthday.

Warning: this is not a guide to measure your own children’s verbal ability. Unlike the Yahoo articles I mentioned which they say toddlers MUST know, these words are what my daughter knows, without sticking on the standards that they say. I saw JUICE in both articles, and since Aria hasn’t had juice yet, she doesn’t know the word. She’s eating the real fruit anyway!

I was also stressed when at one point I felt Aria was way behind her peers her age. Especially in walking. She’s quite delayed actually because we can’t still let go of her hand knowing how likot she is!

Different children have different learning curves and styles. It really depends on your child how he or she absorbs what you teach.

What I noticed is by repetition, Aria easily remembers things, even if she heard it long ago and maybe only once or twice. She retains information long-term that way. Her attention span is that of a goldfish and since she’s the explorative one, she wants to discover so much at one time, like playing her xylophone while driving her car. Pretty preoccupied I know. But that’s how she learns and that’s how we teach her.

And now that she officially turned into a toddler, more challenges await her. And us. We can’t wait.

How about you, moms, what are the challenges in teaching your toddler?

~ Touringkitty

2012, Here We Go!

‎”Hindi nagbabago ang taon. Ang nagbabago ay ang pagkakataon para gumawa ng mabuti. (The years don’t really change. What changes are the occasions to do good.” — Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales in his New Year’s Day Mass, Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Happy New Year from our love-filled household!

The quote above started my year right. It was all about opportunities, after all. The calendar changes but they’re just mere numbers if we do not make the most out of each day that passes.

2011 had been both good and bad to me. It was a year filled with work (wow, after one year of hiatus!), taking care of the household — the Schatzihaus, the hubby, the baby — breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed, managing church duties, dealing with like-minded and different-minded people (hard work, I tell ya), and so much more! Oh, it was such a fun 2011.

I’m filled with good vibes this year. More work coming, blessings abound, family in good health. And since this is Day 4 of 2012, I will share four New Year’s Resolutions which I pray I can all accomplish:

1. Clean up

My closet, my baby’s closet, my files and music sheets, my phonebook and messages, my Facebook and Twitter friends list, my email. Just typing this makes me think if I could really find time for it!

2. Dig deeper

When the collection basket passes your way, do you even care to put even a few coins in it? Or do you look at the ceiling instead and ignore it?

Last year, our church had a couple of fund-raising activities — a concert and a raffle. It was our community’s way of reaching out to the needy.

Little did everyone know Sendong’s wrath would close the year. Everyone did something to extend help. But of course, we do not help only when there’s a calamity like this. Help doesn’t stop there.

So this year, I’ll dig deeper in my pockets to extend more help to more people in need. As our beloved Rector would always say: mabuti nang ikaw ang tumulong, kaysa ikaw ang tinutulungan.

3. Avoid envy

Okay, okay. I admit it, I easily get envious especially when I read status message and blogs, especially mom blogs.

Moms looking beautiful in their fab outfits, juggling work and raising a child, having a fantabulous vacay here and there, having well-behaved babies (ours, despite being a girl, is very hyper! But we oh so love her!), etc.

So to solve this, I will read blogs only once a day for a few minutes, the same amount of time I take my vitamins.

4. Promote breastfeeding more

2011 was a banner year for breastfeeding and I’m so blessed and proud to be advocating this. I’ve turned my formula-fed family into a breastfeeding-believing community. I’ve asked so much questions, answered doubts about it, blogged so many times, even visited a new mom in a hospital who needed that pep talk in breastfeeding her preterm baby. The often unnoticed image of the Blessed Mother nursing her Baby Jesus in our church is now frequented by devotees and curious ones, myself included. I never fail to pray that through Her intercession, the Lord may bless this little child He entrusted us. And we’ve enjoyed this unique, no, make that NORMAL experience for the past 16 months and counting!

We’ll all do better this year, right? After all, there’s so much to be thankful for, one of which is witnessing another calendar change.

So, Carpe Diem, guys! And have a blast this 2012!

~ Touringkitty

I (only) Have Two Hands

…and both of them are quite full right now.

For those who know me well, I love being a busy bee. Literally everywhere, singing or teaching or singing still, catching a flight to wherever, watching movies, having frap in a nearby cafe with my hubby and friends, at church every Sunday and on special occasions and meetings, ad infinitum.

Back then, I seemed to have time for everything.

But when I became pregnant, I chose what I only want to do. I dropped everything for the baby in my womb. And it was the best decision I made.

Now my hands are quite full.

I thought it was easy. I quit my job, gave birth, breastfed (because it was SO MUCH EASIER than formula feeding!), we had a daytime helper who cooks, cleans the house and does almost all household chores so I can concentrate on the newborn.

Or so I thought.

When Aria was a few days old, I was even working! One arm holding her, the other typing away script guides. I’ll ask food from our helper (thank God for them!) and voila, food and drink in front of me! Aria gets hungry, no problem! She breastfeeds and goes back to sleep in my arms, waiting for another three hours when she gets hungry again.

Months passed and things got even harder for the mom with only two hands and that little ball of energy! She’s got so much that I can’t cope up. I got back to part-time teaching and singing which I so missed, was reinstalled as music ministry coordinator (being a church volunteer takes dedication, I know, but being in the music ministry is even harder because of rehearsals almost every week! I do hope others would come to understand that), plus the helper all of a sudden disappeared (note to self: DON’T treat a helper again with Chicken-all-you-can, else it’ll be her silent despedida haha).

Add to that, the more my baby became mobile, the more it’s hard for us to change her diaper, give her no-squirm baths, make her sit for more than five seconds in one place. You can’t leave her inside her crib because she knows how to climb over it. She’ll jump up and down her walker and scream on top of her lungs if she’s hungry, bored, sleepy, or if she wanted to walk.

It’s hard. And I only have two hands.

There are days which I wish I’d have another pair hands, or even two more, so I can do everything I have to do.

I do as much work as I can when baby is asleep. But most of the time, I end up sleeping, too. There was even a time I was lying on my side and holding my laptop (it’s quite small — a Sony Vaio Pocket Style PC, and I’m selling it, PM me!) while I was checking emails when suddenly, I fell asleep. Next thing I know, I was awake and beside a half-awake Aria who was thirsting for milk.

The past months I was forced to learn how to cook. Hence, the recipes I’ve been posting. I am having fun, though, and I want to learn a lot more, so that I will not have to serve nilaga or tinola or adobo almost everyday!

And thank God for family who babysits when parents have work! My mom and sister happily (but tired afterwards) babysits when they can.

But on a much lighter note, I’m proud that my daughter learned to sing “I Have Two Hands,” following the last syllables of each line, raising both her arms mightily and clapping them on cue. She’s achieved so much in the past two months alone and I’m one proud mama.

I look forward to more busy days spent with this little girl, that’s why my heart always breaks when I leave her for work. Much more when I come home to her, smiling happily, and shouting: Mama, mama, dede, dede!

It pays to have two full hands, after all.

~ Touringkitty

Moms I Admire

The loveliest image of our Mother -- nursing. Our Lady of La Leche's feast day is on October 11. Taken from the Our Lady of La Leche's website --

Since it’s the last day of my favorite mother’s birth month (who else but Mama Mary! — and yes, my birth month, too!), I’ll dedicate this post to all the moms in the world, whatever shape, size, or stature in life they are in. Moms rock!

My mom is a great blessing. Aside from my husband, she’s one person whom I trust in taking care of Aria when I’m at work. She has been mother and father to us since Papa passed away nine years ago. And she did a wonderful job raising me and my sister. Blood, sweat, and tears, literally.

Then I gave birth, and my mom sort of had a “newborn” with my baby. It’s what they call nanganganay (or having a firstborn, meaning novice in everything) all over again. It’s a tough job taking care of my little ball of energy. If you’ve met my daughter, you’d understand what I mean.

Luckily for me, I have the technology to run to when I’m in doubt, which is almost ALL the time!

I’m blessed with friends. I text my mommy friends from high school and wedding ninangs if I have questions, ask for advise. In turn, I answer questions especially about breastfeeding. After a year of exclusively breastfeeding, I can say I’ve been there, done that, and I’m more convinced that breastfeeding is normal.

I started this blog July last year and have been reading blogs of mom bloggers (from hobbyists like me to professional bloggers, there are a lot!), looking for resources especially about breastfeeding, searching for answers my mom can’t answer, or verifying (which I always do especially after a pedia visit, man, do I still trust pediatricians?!)

Let me tell you why I admire these moms:

1. Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

Her website is something every breastfeeding mom should turn to! When I’m in doubt, I’d always check her VIP (Very Important Posts) and most of the time I’d always get answers from it. She is a super working mom, juggling a full-time day job and an online store called MamaBabyLove where I made my one and only online purchase of nursing mom wear — the Undercover Mama!

I first met her in a La Leche League meeting last year, the same time I started this blog, and knew about her blog from there. Super nice, very accommodating with my many questions on twitter, and gives very relevant and informative links on her blog’s Facebook page.


2. Abbie Yabot, our La Leche League leader

This is really one supermom! She looks young but she has four kids and breastfed all of them. She talked to me over the phone during the first few weeks of breastfeeding and assured me that I should not be alarmed with baby’s spit-ups.


3. Paola of Mommy Treats

Paola was my seatmate in a La Leche League meet I attended early this year. During the small talk that we had after the meeting, I learned that she has a home business called Mommy Treats where she bakes lactation cookies and muffins. She is just as sweet as her yummy treats!

I’ve tried those treats myself. A former choirmate gifted me with a week’s supply of cookies after I recommended Mommy Treats to her to increase her milk supply as she is nursing twins. I noticed my milk quantity (more output when I pump) and quality changed (more milk-colored than translucent/buko juice-like). This week, I’m trying the muffins and brownies which are all so yummy!


4. Frances of Topaz Horizon and Mommytopaz

Like the other people who are fans of her blogs, I like reading Frances’ posts because she speaks from her heart. Her posts are simple, straight, and enlightening.


5. Benz of Mimmabenz and Weddings at work

She’s our Mimma in our small online community called W@Wies and N@Wies. She’s Mrs. Congeniality for me! She even sent me and my husband babywearing button pins (which I will show soon).

She started her blog just recently and I love her posts! I also like her husband Abet’s blog:


6. Cai of Apples and Dumplings

Cai is a first-time mom just like me, and our babies are born a few days apart. So naturally, I ask her so much about baby’s feeding and all those stuff. We haven’t met personally yet but we attended a La Leche League meet when we were still both pregnant. I admire her determination to fully breastfeed her baby even if she’s working full-time (imagine pumping at work round the clock!). And she did, for a full year!


7. Martine of Dainty Mom

Martine’s blogsite is super dainty! I like the pastel colors so much. And it’s super organized, filed according to topic for easier navigation. I admire her for being a work at home mom, and that she has the license to sit in front of the computer anytime just because her job is writing.

I’d like to have a job like that! But I have yet to master the art of not letting my daughter touch the laptop when I’m working. Even if she has toys of her own, she still wants to tinker with the laptop, so lately I do my writing when she’s asleep.


There ya go. I have more in my mind, but I’ll continue with another post next time. I have 30 minutes left before September ends (sounds like a song, eh?)

Thank you, dear mommies, for the inspiration. Looking forward to reading and learning more from you. Or maybe meeting some of you in person again and some for the first time.

Now it’s time to pray for all the mommies and sleep before this wonderful September ends.


~ Touringkitty

Birthday Wishlist

Happy Birthday to me! Thinking of what to give me, or maybe anyone whose birthday is coming? Here’s a quick rundown. I’m sure you could do one, or two, or everything if you feel like it!

1. Send me a text message, email, private facebook message because I restricted my wall posts.

2. Give me a call, if you know my number.

3. Pay me a visit! I miss friends and I’d love to have friends in our humble home.

4. Offer a prayer of blessing for me and for my family.

5. Follow me on Twitter @touringkitty

6. Read my blog Touringkitty

7. Give to charity. My favorites are Pondo ng Pinoy, Red Cross, and Children’s Hour.

8. Donate unused clothes, toys, and other stuff. I usually give old clothes to Caritas Manila’s Segunda Mana.

9. Do something green! Bring your own bag when shopping, recycle, use organic products.

Thank you and God bless you!

~ Touringkitty

Dear LRT/MRT Passenger

Dear LRT/MRT Passenger,

Ayokong umabot tayo sa ganito!

Sa tagal ko nang sumasakay sa LRT at MRT, di ka pa rin natuto. Sa dami na ng plakard, signage, poster, pati ang paulit-ulit na recorded at live voice sa istasyon at sa mismong tren, pasaway ka pa rin.

Gusto ko lang ipaalala ang mga sumusunod:

No Spitting. Nakatagalog pa yan na Bawal Dumura! huwag mong gagayahin yung guard sa harap ko biglang nagpakawala ng eeeeeekkkkkyyyy saliva sa tracks.

Please do not step on the yellow platform edge. Pula yan pag nasa LRT ka. Siguro naman malinaw yun di ba? Kung ayaw mo magpahagip sa padating na tren, atras lang po ng konti.

Ito ay Female Area.  Eto naman yung tipong obvious na, may mga pasaway na sisingit o nagpapatay-mali. O nagpapanggap.

This lane/train is for the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, with children. Wag mo na ipagpilitang buntis ka (kung di naman talaga, o malaki lang siguro tiyan mo). Wag ka ring magpanggap na may kapansanan ka. Sige liparin ka ng masamang hangin, magkatotoo yan. Lalo na wag ka magpanggap na senior citizen. Ultimate na yan, ha?

Paupuin ang lahat ng nabanggit ko sa taas. Aminado ako, lalo na pag may bitbit akong malaking bag, pagod o maysakit ako, di ako nagbibigay ng upuan ko. Bakit, bawal ba mapagod? Nung sinakay naman namin ng mommy ko ang baby ko, ayaw nila kami paupuin. Fine. E di wag! Para sa mga lalaki, wag nyo na hintayin magpa-cute ang mga babae bago nyo paupuin. Please lang.

Please do not touch the emergency devices found above the door.  Meron din nyan sa isang posteng hawakan malapit sa pinto. May mga makukulit na chikiting na Curious George na pinipindot yun. Magtataka na lang yung driver kung anong nangyayari sa likod nya.

Please do not lean on the doors while the train is in motion.  Tandaan: nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

Upong otso (presyo ng dyipni ride) naman!  May ibang ayaw talagang magpaupo kahit ang luwag luwag pa. Memorize ko na po yan. Yung seats pang-anim, walo, o sampung tao, kaya binibilang ko talaga at makikiupo pag kulang pa. Nung minsan, may umupo sa tabi ko, pilit akong ginitgit hanggang sa nainis ako kaya tumayo na lang ako. Kanya na ang silya!

Wag makipaggitgitan at makipag-unahan sa pagpasok/paglabas ng tren. Common sense siguro na paunahin yung mga lumalabas di ba? Naranasan ko na kasi maiwan sa loob at lumagpas dahil napagsarhan ng pinto.

Dumiretso sa loob ng tren at huwag harangan ang pinto. Heto pa ang isa. Ang luwag naman sa gitna, nagkumpulan ang mga tao sa may pinto. Anong meron?

Mag-ingat sa magnanakaw. Nong isang araw lang, may nadukutan pagpasok nya ng turnstile pa lang. Ginitgit sya ng dalawang lalaki. Ayun, pinahinto nya ang tren kaya ang tagal rin bago kami nakaandar. Mukhang successful naman sya at nabawi nya ang cellphone nya.

Huwag maging flashy. Kung hindi rin lang naman importante, wag na maglabas ng cellphone o anumang gadget. Sandali lang naman ang MRT ride di ba? Enjoy the view of EDSA. *wink*

Huwag magtapon ng kalat kung saan-saan. Ang tracks ay hindi po basurahan. Bow.

Nobela ba? Pasensya naman!

Ika nga ng isang paborito kong kanta ni Ms. Charo Unite: “Kung ano ang di mo gusto, wag gawin sa iba.” Kaya kaunting disiplina lang sana. Para kung itataas man ang singil ng pamasahe, masabi rin nating sulit at masaya ang pagsakay sa LRT/MRT.

Wag kang mag-alala dear passenger. Ang susunod na post ko ay para sa administration ng mga tren na ito. Para di tayo lugi!

Baka may madadagdag kang experiences mo sa pagsakay. Iwan ka naman ng comment sa post na ito!


~ Touringkitty

Aria’s First Birthday Party: A rundown of suppliers

Aria had a blast during her party. We decided to do it on the Sunday before her birthday, which is a Wednesday. Who would have thought that our dearest President would decide to make it a very loooong weekend?!

Filipinos generally will go for a quick holiday out of town if a long weekend has been declared. But thankfully, even when it was raining that Sunday afternoon, our guests came! Not everyone on the list, though. But a good number made it — almost 80 people, half of them are kids. We even had babies! It was so much fun, especially for Aria, who was both sleepy and playful that time.

The Venue and Food: McDonald’s Greenbelt

It was definitely a worry-free party venue. They had it all — yummy food, themed party complete with all amenities like traymats, party hats, lootbags, and game prizes, even the party host and program were all handled by them. No additional fees on electricity nor permits to be secured for bringing in photobooths and other suppliers. You just can’t eat food from outside, though.

The Photobooth: Click D’Fun Photobooth

My sister availed a photobooth through Ensogo for a good deal of P3,500 for two hours unlimited and gifted it to her favorite and only niece. The guests lined up a couple of times and enjoyed the friendly service of the crew as well.

The Cupcakes: IBake by Joy Alegro

My cousin Joy loves baking that she turned her hobby into something profitable. And Aria’s Birthday is the first time she handled a cupcake decorating session and it was super fun! The cupcakes were super yummy, too. I chose carrot cupcakes so that the kids won’t be too hyper with chocolate and so Aria can eat as well.

The Balloon Decor: Supermommies Parties and Events by Mary Ann Unay


This was gifted to us by Ma’am Me-ann. Too bad The Unays weren’t able to attend the party but she still sent her assistant to set up the balloon decor, and Kuya Tikboy did it for only 10 minutes! Cute balloons which some were taken home by guests.

The Photographer: Eric Tingatinga

You would not believe this photographer is a UP Professor and has a PhD in Civil Engineering! He took really awesome shots and used natural lighting. The room had low ceiling and it was quite dark outside because of the rains but the pictures were still fantastic, especially all the happy faces in the photos.

Our suppliers were all good, and didn’t hurt our budget, some of them offered their services for free! It was indeed a worry-free, budget friendly party for our little one, who herself enjoyed her own party, the way we parents wanted it to be.

~ Touringkitty

Communication through Breastfeeding

“Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (August). For this month, we join the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action in it’s “Talk to Me!” theme where participants will share personal experiences, insights or recommendations in communicating breastfeeding intentions and goals to their support system. Please scroll down to the end of this post and check out the other carnival participants.”
Left: newborn. Right: nine months
August is such a special month for our family. It was Papa’s birthday/ninth death anniversary two weeks ago and I celebrated with this blog post. Lolo, Lola, and Mama will also celebrate their birthdays in the coming days. In a week and a half, our daughter will have her first birthday party! Her birth date is so special that she chose it herself. Read related posts here and here.
We don’t only celebrate her birthday on the end of this month, we also celebrate two other things: one is the first year of parenthood for me and my husband. The other is the Feast Day of St. Raymond Nonato, the patron saint of expectant mothers, childbirth and children. And it’s Breastfeeding Month! Oh, how I love this month!
Having breastfed our firstborn for the past year is a big achievement for me. I can’t imagine how I’ve hurdled the past year — the sleepless nights, midnight snacks, occasional pumping (manual pump AND hand expressing!), nonstop whining and crying (that’s me, not the baby!), multi-tasking, battle with nursing bras and covers, etc., etc. It was hard work, and I feel like rewarding myself for this feat.
I used to be a busy bee. I work here and there and I work hard. I actively volunteer in church handling the children’s choir and the entire music ministry as coordinator, I sing and travel a lot. All of a sudden, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding put me to a full stop.
But slowly, I’m working my way to do all those mentioned above. I’ve checked all that, except travel. Haven’t gone beyond the city yet.
I had to deal with several people in this breastfeeding journey. And I will not last this far if not for these people.
The Husband. Your co-maker should always be your number one supporter. He may be your number one critic sometimes. My husband repeatedly challenged me with “If you’re tired breastfeeding, we can always switch to formula.” I never gave in! Now he tells me, if you want to shop, charge it to your credit card and I’ll take care of it. Who can say no to that!
Another thing is that he believed in breastfeeding. He accompanied me in all the La Leche League meetings I wanted to attend. He would sometimes be the only dad in the circle but he wouldn’t mind. He even took notes on our first meeting and blogged about it here.
The Mother. I knew I’d be facing a lot of debate with my mother just because she is my mother. She was the first one who told me to buy bottles in preparation for giving birth (which I never did, so she bought me a couple). I even tore a diaper’s side tape in exasperation after hearing my mom tell me that if I want my baby to get fat, I should give her formula because that’s the norm!
But she saw how I tried my best to provide only breastmilk to my daughter. And with her support and guidance, even if she didn’t know a lot about breastfeeding, we were successful. She gives my daughter expressed milk when I’m at work.
The OB-GYN. If there’s someone who supported me fully in this journey, it is my OB-GYN. From pregnancy until after giving birth, she didn’t doubt that I can sustain breastfeeding.
The Pediatrician. If there’s someone I wish who supported me it’s our pediatrician. When my daughter was eight months old she wondered why I was still breastfeeding. Well, I still have milk! I asked her if after one year I can give whole milk to my daughter, she tells me “why not give her formula instead?” I told her that I will still carry on breastfeeding and that there’s nothing wrong with whole milk after one year, just in case she didn’t know. She just said, “Okay.” Yes, she is very unsupportive. I even heard from others that she’s a breastfeeding advocate. Not true!
The Pediatrician’s Secretary. She gives me Miss Tapia looks when I breastfeed in the clinic. She even asked if the baby sling I was using was from a tribe which I might belong to. I wish she was informed that breastfeeding is not bad at all and baby slings are not a thing of the past.
The religious community. The church where I belong to has been very supportive and understanding  of our desire to breastfeed, especially our Rector. They know for a fact that we don’t have a helper nor a yaya so it’s just us three (Daddy, Mommy, Baby) when we hear Mass, attend meetings, rehearsals, sing for the Mass. The occasional babysitters are there (my mom and sister) but the weekly church duties are tough for us. When I have meetings to attend, the Daddy takes care of baby. I give them expressed milk and they go malling. They all know how loud my baby is so I really appreciate it that they’ve been very forgiving, especially when I miss deadlines for churchwork or miss Masses.
The community. I laud all the efforts being done to promote breastfeeding. But I think it should start from nursing moms themselves. I don’t nurse in breastfeeding stations anymore after encountering a snooty nurse at the mall clinic who would not let our stroller in when it was just me and my baby strolling around. So I don’t care when or where I am and my daughter would start pulling down my shirt or shouting “dedede” endlessly. We nurse.
Then there are a few people who would give you nasty looks on one hand, smile and ask about breastfeeding on the other. I always love talking with like-minded and open-minded people. Breastfeeding is not best, it’s normal!
It has been a great year for me and my baby, and we don’t have any plans to stop breastfeeding yet. My baby has nursed all the more especially when she bumps herself or stumbles, when she’s teething, or when she’s really really sleepy.
The challenges of the first year I successfully hurdled. Now the next challenge for us is taking care of a rambunctious toddler who is super hyper, smart, and cute. And we love her like that.
Now, it’s time to give back. Talk to me about breastfeeding and I’ll be ready to help!
~ Touringkitty
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