I spent the whole of March searching for my daughter’s preschool. Though I thought it was still too early, I already started because time indeed flies so fast. My daughter’s turning four in August, and I want to keep options as open and as varied as possible.

Currently, we’re taking it slow on homeschooling, as you could follow my Instagram posts (Follow me!). We’re following an online program¬†for math and reading and basically filling her day with coloring, tracing, and more reading. She loves to sing and dance and make music.

I checked on the following schools and systems and here’s what I have gathered:

1. Gymboree Preschool at Sofitel. Aria has been attending Gymboree classes since she turned one, though not regularly. We make sure we get coupons online or wait for discounts in their branch. We attended their open house and that was the first time Aria was left alone with a class and a teacher whom she was not familiar with. Tears well up both our eyes as we parted ways–I was just at the next room where the orientation took place. The teacher brought her to me and showed a well written worksheet of the letter A (note that she does not write yet). I was proud. But I knew it was not for us. It was just waaaaaay expensive. We enrolled her in their classes because I got another discount from them.

2. Catholic Filipino Academy. I attended their orientation and was inspired by the other parents there. I think I was the only one who attended alone, and the only one who had a preschooler. All of the others attended with their spouses, some even brought their children in tow, some are in highschool already. They have a preschool program which I can enrol Aria in and a reading program wherein you just follow a set of worksheets and activities without enrolling the child to a regular homeschool program.

3. Preschool homeschool workshop by The Learning Basket. This I have been doing for a couple of years already, and my daughter reaped its benefits. Especially that I stay at home most of the time, I get to supervise what should be taught, what interests her in a specific day, and what materials at home I can use. We do not have a specific program, but as much as I can, I try to put a little structure to her day, so eventually she will get the hang of a regular school, whether homeschool or brick and mortar school. It was fun meeting moms, dads, and kids that day, and ideas really can be endless.

4. Brick and mortar school. I was able to visit one in Taguig, a Catholic International school. And is the first of its kind in the country. I liked how the school is so small that everyone knows each other. It feels safe and secure. But then, they do not have preschool yet. They offer K-9 levels this year. I must check out other preschools then.

So, have we enrolled Aria? Technically, no. But she studies, at home, with me as her teacher. We will carry on with homeschooling her. As long as she is well fed, well loved, and growing up with the proper values, we are fine. She will go to school in the proper time. Try asking Aria if she goes to school. You’d be happy to know what her answer will be.

~ Touringkitty