Maria Jeline Llorin Oliva is a young and very talented violinist. I first met her when I was a cultural worker two years ago, and have witnessed her simplicity, humility, and great passion for her chosen craft. She was mentored by Ms. Gina Medina-Perez and currently, by one of the foremost Filipino violinists, Mr. Gilopez Kabayao.

If you could still remember, she was this young girl who played violin, drums, and piano in the Grand Finals of Pilipinas Got Talent, a local talent show on television, in 2010. In 2011, she won the First Prize in the Strings Open Category of the National Music Competition for Young Artists, or NAMCYA. From hereon, she starts her journey as a classical violinists, being featured as soloist in concerts, and just recently, a concert all on her own at the Ayala Museum.

Time flies so fast and she’s about to enter college. And she is preparing to study abroad to further hone her skills. Knowing how expensive it can be, Jeline entered this competition for a scholarship at the Mannes College The New School for Music in New York, USA. And I would like to ask for a simple help from all of you so we could send this talented girl to NYC! She already passed the auditions, but she needs our help for the scholarship.

With just a LIKE and a COMMENT on her Youtube video, we can send someone to one of the prestigious music schools in New York, Mannes. So please visit, VIEW the video to know her journey, LIKE the video using your Youtube OR Gmail account, and write a COMMENT. Please also share it with your family and friends so we could all contribute to this with just a few minutes of your internet time.

Likes and comments for the competition will be counted until February 1st.

May this be our good deed for 2015, if we have not yet done one =)

~ Touringkitty