Who doesn’t want the best and the cleanest for their little ones?

Germs are everywhere. Chemicals kill germs. But some chemicals harm the environment. Good thing people are now turning to organic.

And what better product to turn organic is baby wipes. I am sure whether for our babies or for ourselves, we’d always want a pack handy.
We checked out Kokopax to find which baby wipes work best

We also checked out Organic Baby Wipes.

I like it because:

It has no paraben, no alcohol, no harsh chemicals. We’re sure it’s safe for the little ones.

The material is sturdy and strong, and does not produce excess fiber or himulmol.

Has sizes for big and small hands. It has an extra large size for those tougher stains.

Sanitizes everything in a whip, literally. I am one who is very OC on the eating table, so I make sure tables and chairs or high chairs, especially those used by my kid are clean. My kid always has a pack of wipes in her bag and uses it to wipe her hands before and after eating.

100% biodegradable. And this is the best part for me. Organic baby wipes loves the environment as much as our babies.

Sold? You can get them from these stores.

Thanks for letting us experience these great wipes! Will sure to look for this when our stash runs out.