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Achieve a WAHMderful Life through this Workshop Series

I realized I have been working at home since college. Teaching voice and piano at our home gave me that confidence to be a teacher (and that extra school baon, too!).

In the past years, I have dabbled in various work at home jobs: teaching music, writing, editing, social media management, choral arranging, blogging. Last year alone, I got short-lived gigs, big one-time gigs, and prestigious ones. I got published in a magazine and in Yahoo.com.ph, too! Amazing I get to do work in the comforts of my home, while looking after my preschooler. I got to squeeze this in between working out of home, as a voice professor in college.

Impossible? You can, too!

WAHMderful-life workshop series for the new (and old) WAHMmie.
WAHMderful-life workshop series for the new (and old) WAHMmie.

Know the ABCs of WAHMming through this power trio of speakers and veteran work at home professionals, Marge Aberasturi, Fitz Villafuerte, and Martine de Luna. Sign up here and don’t forget to input the Referral Code, TKEAWAHM2 so they would know you got the info from Touringkitty.

Good news!  Anyone who is interested in working at home can attend. You read it right, you need not be a mom to attend this!

Start a career in the comforts of your home. You can do it!


~ Touringkitty

Find your bliss through a weekend retreat

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Dear Woman,

Have you found your bliss?

Make it Blissful and the Exuberant Life might be of help!

Join the Life Bliss Weekend on May 24-25 at Casa Luminaria in Lipa, Batangas. Spend two full days of finding your bliss, knowing yourself more, in a beautiful garden backdrop.

Learn more about the event here: http://makeitblissful.com/life-bliss-weekend-a-creative-living-retreat-for-women/

Invest in something that will give you another perspective in life, work, and the things that matter.


~ Touringkitty