So you vowed to honor and cherish him in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death do you part.  But have you factored in sleepless nights because he snores like a jumbo jet?

Some wives (and husbands) have not.  So what started out as a fairy tale ended as a nightmare.

In China, a 30-year-old woman divorced her husband because she claimed spending sleepless nights lying next to a heavy snorer.  The judge granted the divorce.

In another part of the world, the Associated Press reports that a newlywed Iranian filed for divorce after his bride admitted drugging him on the sly to keep him from hearing her snore.

Snoring can wreck a marriage because sleep deprivation brings out the worst in us.  When a sleepless partner is cranky, tired and irritable, the other responds by being just as difficult. Sex drive takes a nosedive. Work suffers because you can’t think clearly.

Snoring can keep away friends and relatives you stay with in an overnight trip to a beach resort because they can’t stand your snoring when theyneed a good night’s sleep after all that running, swimming and playing outdoors. 

Why do people snore?  Mayo Clinic cites the following causes:

• Physical reasons. A low, thick soft palate can limit the airway. So, too, do extra tissues at the back of the throat found in overweight persons.
• Alcohol. This relaxes throat muscles and reduces “natural defenses against airway obstruction.”
• Nasal troubles.  Perennial congestion in the nose or a crooked partition between your nostrils” can cause the problem.
• Sleep apnea.   The condition is serious because “throat tissues partially or completely block your airway,” thus keeping you from breathing.

All is not lost. The AntiSnor Acupressure Ring helps reduce or prevent snoring using Western and Eastern medical philosophies.  The ring, worn on the little finger of the left hand, applies pressure on nerve points.  This, in turn, stimulates muscles controlling your upper airway to help reduce or prevent snoring.


The AntiSnor ring treats common ailments using finger massage on acupressure points. 

Users report reduced snoring, better sleep quality, less fatigue, improved breathing and others. Allthese, minus the use of invasive procedures like an operation to solve nasal anatomy problems.

The ring comes in three sizes – small, medium and large.  Or you may expand the ring to fit your little finger.  

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