Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


The teaching profession is one vocation very close to my heart, as I am also one. The passion, dedication, patience, and love they give to students is really unimaginable, and very admirable.

Just last week, one of my dearest teachers in grade school passed away, and some of my classmates and I paid a visit during her wake. We were so surprised to see two folders of our personal letters to her during her birthday, Valentines Day, Teachers’ Day, and other occasions, also invitations to birthday parties, other notes given to her, and our class photos. All those years she had saved all those letters. Some years ago, one of her daughters asked her why she saved all those letters (what was in her wake was just a fraction of the letters she kept in albums). Our teacher told her daughter it is for her students to see when she’s passed on.

She battled the Big C for several years, without having undergone operation or chemotherapy. She lived longer than expected, and is now resting with the Almighty Creator. We’re just so proud of her courage and wisdom she showed all these years.

I am thankful for educators because:

  1. Next to our own parents, we learn from them. Not only about lessons, but about life in general.
  2. Teaching is a gift and a blessing, and they have just that.
  3. The love for children that they have grows, and multiplies.

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