12 months in 12 photos

Happy New Year 28 days late! You probably noticed my slight hiatus on the blog. But I’ve been rather active on Instagram (follow me @touringkitty!) so you might have known the reason/s. One word: BUSY! But very happy. 2015 was definitely a great year. If there is a word to describe it, it would be “miracle,” just… Continue reading 12 months in 12 photos

#KoristaAko: Touringkitty

And yes, just because it’s my birth month, it’s my turn to answer for #KoristaAko! I realised I wasn’t even able to answer these questions for myself, so this should be fun. For those who are not yet aware, Korista Ako has a Facebook Group Community already! Shoot me a private message at www.facebook.com/touringkitty so… Continue reading #KoristaAko: Touringkitty

The SOJCC turns nine!

Nine years. Wow. I am super happy to have served at the Shrine of Jesus all these nine years, along with these super kids! We still have three pioneer members who started in 2006. Many have come and gone, but the group remained steadfast in our duty as church servants. We thank everyone who have… Continue reading The SOJCC turns nine!

Touringkitty Sings: Pitong Huling Wika ni Hesus (Tinnah M. dela Rosa)

Because it’s the last day of Women’s Month, and while we’re in the midst of Holy Week, I’d like to share this music which is a collaboration among three women. As you know, I have been a contributing writer for PraySing Ministry for more than a year already. The ministry has been blessed with great talents–musicians and… Continue reading Touringkitty Sings: Pitong Huling Wika ni Hesus (Tinnah M. dela Rosa)

Touringkitty Sings: Ready to propose? Why not sing it!

A few months back, I received a text message asking if our vocal group is available to sing for a wedding proposal. That was a first for me, since I have never had a client for that kind of event. After some email exchanges with the contact person, finally, I got to meet her a month before the… Continue reading Touringkitty Sings: Ready to propose? Why not sing it!

Madz @ 50: The Baby is now 30!

The “golden harvest” is now 30 years old! The Madz et al, the first and largest network of Filipino choral groups, celebrated 30 years of singing together through a weeklong festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last April 1-6. Composed of over 50 choirs, the Madz et al network gathers in an annual… Continue reading Madz @ 50: The Baby is now 30!