…and it’s still surreal!

Here is the video clip of the announcement of winner of the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing back in August 2007.

Check out Touringkitty in the video, my dear lucky charm, the Hello Kitty wand given by my now dear husband.

Let me take you to Arezzo for a few minutes with these pics:


All choirs were given a few minutes to soundcheck. This was when we were waiting for our turn. One is trying not to be too nervous!


This was us after singing our competition set. And just look at the people who came and cheered for us! Some Madz Alumni came from overseas, Filipinos from Italy, Italians from nearby Provinces where we had concerts in, and even Spanish friends!


Sir Mark receiving the trophy, with all calmness and composure. While his singers were rowdy, shouting, thus losing our voices as we came back to Manila the next day!


This was us after the announcement of winners. We partied on the streets of Arezzo, in full costume, screaming our hearts out of joy and thanksgiving for the wonderful and once in a lifetime opportunity, twice for some members who won the same award in Tours, France, in 1997.

This competition capped our three-month journey in Europe. A few days after a quick pit stop in Manila, we flew to the US for another six-week concert tour.

That was my third tour with the Philippine Madrigal Singers in Europe. And that will probably be the most unforgettable.

To my sectionmates Liaa, Rhina, Karlene, Mavic, and Bianca, they say being a soprano in a choir is tough job, and I think it is. Continue to share your music to God’s people.

To the power altos Kuya Chris, Ate Pearl, Ate Melody, Ate Julie, Gladys, you’re all great singers and soloists and I admire you all!

To the tenors Sheen, Weng, Leo, JC, Aldrich, sing on, guys!

To the basses Itay Emman, Enrico, Kuya Jo-honey, Kuya Philip, Melvir, Marvin, your voices gave depth in the circle. May your voices continue to resonate for Him wherever you may be.

And to our dearest Sir Mark, we are so so proud of you! You taught us to work towards excellence yet still be humble of what we achieved. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for believing in me! I never dreamt of this, but you trusted me enough to share the music we’ve worked hard for many months before the EGP.

Five years passed and it still seems like yesterday. The nervousness, the goosebumps, the sweaty hands, making sure I will give the exact pitch at the beginning of each song, making sure they hear the pitch!, and the big sigh of relief after we’re done with our set.

Most of all, in our little way, we represented the Philippines. It brought us great pride to be singing and carrying the name of the country in such an important competition.

Our country must have been bestowed by the Lord with such great and talented singers, that we are just lucky to share it to the world through the Madz. And what better way to celebrate it is by bringing the competition in our own homeland, via the Andrea O. Veneracion International Choral Festival Manila 2013.

More about the competition on the next post!

~ Touringkitty

Photo credit: All photos from the UPMS Multiply Website